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Pia Toscano

Did Pia Toscano Get a Nose Job?

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I mean, it’s not as if the majority if you probably care (I know I particularly do not), but it’s always fun calling someone out on plastic surgery, especially if it wasn’t really all that necessary to begin with.

Oh. By the way, Pia was that girl from American Idol who may or may not still be dating Dancing With the Stars‘ Mark Ballas, just in case you happened to be wondering.

Anyway, the above is a photo of Pia doing something for her new single, probably, which I also, equally, do not care about, and the photo below, here, is a photo of Pia looking kind of … well, a little different.

photo of pia toscano after nose job pictures photos

So, what is it – nosejob or no?

Remember Pia?

Of course you remember Pia! She was that boring, semi-irritating girl on this past season of American Idol, and everyone was shocked when she was eliminated, but then I told you that she was going to be just fine and then you all felt so much better. And hey, I was right.

This is Pia’s first official single, can you believe it?! She just got a shiny new record deal with Interscope, and now she can release boring ol’ singles like this on a larger scale. Aren’t we so excited?

But what do you guys think of this song? More boring Pia, right? I mean, obviously the girl’s talented, but who honestly cares?

Pia Toscano’s Blowing Up, You Guys

You know, there’s positively no doubt in my mind that Pia Toscano, who was recently kicked off of American Idol, is a wicked talented chick who’s got a crazy good voice. She’s also pretty sweet and is cute enough to be dating Mark Ballas, who is just hot. Flat-the-fuck-out hot. Smoking hot. What I’m wondering, though, does she have an unfair advantage in performing on Dancing With the Stars BECAUSE she’s dating Mark Ballas? If she weren’t porking him on the regular, would the network even consider having an American Idol reject perform on their show? It’s a sticky situation, but for Pia, it’s win-win. Lose out on AI? That’s OK – you get a record label, a hot boyfriend who can probably move in bed as well as he does on stage, and public appearances on much-watched shows left and right. Goes to show you, guys – dreams can come true.