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Haley Reinhart

A Haley Reinhart Album?!?!

Oh, how dearly I remember Haley Reinhart, my second favorite American Idol contestant. She sang like a sassy angel, she won beautiful Casey Abrams‘ heart, and now she’s going on to land a record deal with Interscope. Positively fabulous!

How much faith do you have in Haley’s upcoming album? Because, you know, I WOULD have had a lot of faith, but I did hear that little snippet of Pia Toscano‘s original stuff, also from Interscope, by the way, and it shook my faith a little. That’s wrong of me, isn’t it? I shouldn’t doubt awesome Haley based on my recent experience with the always boring Pia. That’s not fair to anyone, and I apologize.

Well, I’ve done a lot of personal growth in this little story. You might not have taken the same path as me. You might be one of those people who thought that Haley sucked, and to you I say “look what you did to America.” Either way, I’d love to talk about this little chain of events. Thoughts? Comments? Personal attacks? Let’s get to chatting, friends.

Casey and Haley from Idol Are Doing An Album Together!

I don’t even need to tell you how happy this makes me, do I? My two favorite American Idol contestants doing an album together, are you kidding me?  I could listen to Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart make beautiful music all the livelong day, but a whole album of these two together recording whatever moves their hearts is going to be out of this world for me.

According to one of Casey’s bros, these crazy kids want to work together because they have the same taste in music, they’ll be together on the Idol tour all summer so they’ll have tons of time to work on an album, and because every starry-eyed girl like me will be all over it.  You’ve got to hand it to them, this is a super smart move, right?  I mean, I’m not the only one who is absolutely losing her shit over this, am I?

American Idol Recap, Or “How I Lost Faith in America”

Spoiler alert: the majority of American Idol voters have no idea what good music sounds like.

In case you couldn’t tell by my anger and disappointment, last night Haley Reinhart got voted off the show.  You know what that means?  It means that the finale is going to feature Lauren and Scotty.  And that is, pardon my eloquence, dumb as a box of rocks.

It’s not that I think Lauren and Scotty are bad people, it’s just … really?  Was the rest of the country watching the same show that I was watching?  I sincerely don’t get it.  But as a friend said to console me, it’s ok, Haley’s definitely getting a record deal, she’s going to be just fine.  And as another friend said to console me when Casey Abrams went home, it’s better that the good ones don’t win the competition – just look at how successful Adam Lambert is compared to whoever it was who beat him.

I still don’t get how more people like Scotty “Baby, Lock Them Doors” McCreery more than Haley, but it’ll be ok, I’ll get over it eventually.  But in the meantime, can you explain yourself, America?

Did You Guys See Haley on American Idol Last Night?

After a week of soul-searching and crying it out, I think I’ve finally come to terms with Casey Abramselimination.  I know some of you didn’t understand how amazing he was, and that’s all right, he was this special brand of next level awesome that not everyone can appreciate.  But it’s a brand new week on American Idol, which means that I have to find a new favorite.  And don’t worry, I definitely did.

I’m joining Molls in the Haley Reinhart love.  This girl blew everyone away with her rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” last night. I didn’t watch the show or anything because I was busy working magic with a hot glue gun, but I watched the clips and read the reviews and they’re all pretty clear:  Haley is almost certainly going to dark horse her way all the way to the finals.

What did you guys think about last night?

Whoa! ‘American Idol’ Contestants Haley and Casey Are Hooking Up!?

DAAAAAAAMN. I actually hate to be the one to break this news to our Emily, because Lord knows she loves her some Casey Abrams, but YO! Word on the street is that he and Haley Reinhart (who I mentioned earlier this week is my favorite contestant) are totally hooking up.

An Idol insider told InTouch, “Most of their downtime is spent together, and they have a very touchy-feely relationship. They’re always lying on each other when they’re around the other contestants, and everybody thinks they’re hooking up.”

This doesn’t surprise me. They both have old souls and are around the same age. Here’s what is kinda scandalous: I wouldn’t be shocked if I found out that the “insider” who spilled this information was another Idol hopeful. I can totally imagine Pia (I haaaaate that Pia,) on the phone with a gossip rag, spilling on the personal lives of her fellow contestants. If it’s not her, it’s her parents or a sibling or something. I’d put money on it.

My Favorite ‘American Idol’ Contestant is Officially Haley Reinhart

Guys, stick with me. Normally I’m not an American Idol kinda girl either, but this season is GOOD and Haley Reinhart’s performance last night was pretty undeniable.

The theme was “Elton John” and I was surprised by how many of the contestants chose some of his more mellow hits. For every one of Elton’s truly beautiful songs, there’s another one that’s totally funky and wild. I would have loved to have heard Lauren or Pia take on “Crocodile Rock.” Just about anything other than a croony ballad. James Durbin got it right with “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” and Haley got it really right with “Bennie and the Jets.”

I’ve been kinda bummed this season because the contestants that are taking over (like that boring Pia who I already mentioned) are the ones that are confident in their personalities, regardless of whether or not their personalities are something to be confident about. I’m sorry, but Pia’s song selection, voice and attitude all reek of the late 1990s. Some of the show’s best singers are falling by the wayside because they seem freaked out by the performance/being on national television aspect of the show. I’ve been waiting for someone like Haley to come into her own all season, and she certainly managed to do that last night.

And can I just say that the presence of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez has truly underscored the fact that Simon Cowell is largely useless? The reaction shots from those two alone are worth whatever they had to pay to get them on the show. Jennifer Lopez at 1:46 in the video above? As soon as they figure out how to tattoo a hologram on a human body, I’m getting a full back portrait of those three seconds.