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Paris Hilton Was In On That Plane Crash Prank

paris hilton

I guess I’m not all that shocked to hear that the whole “Paris Hilton thought she was going to die on a plane crash but it was all a prank for an Egyptian TV show” thing was a total scam. I did have a very quick flash of, “LOL, yeah right” when watching it, but I utilized some suspension of disbelief and went for it, because the idea of Paris Hilton shitting herself like that on national TV was too delicious to resist. Unfortunately, it was also too good to be true, because she knew about it all along, according to a document obtained by TMZ from the production company behind the show.

Turns out Paris wasn’t their first choice. The company sent the offer to the reps of other American celebs back in March, offering them big money to participate in the prank.

The document states, “We will act as if something is going wrong and ask all passengers to jump off the plane!!! Of course everyone will panic, we’ll be having skydivers in disguise with us on board.”

The doc goes on, “We will monitor the funny reactions from our celebrity guest when they fear jumping off the plane.”

And the document even mentions the stunt has the blessing of Dubai authorities … “Dubai official authorities are monitoring this show and providing us with security. If you want to make sure, you can contact the office of crown prince of Dubai, his majesty Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum. He himself will be supervising the progress of the project.”

Sources say the production company offered a huge amount of money to a willing celeb … in the million dollar range.

Ugh, I never thought I’d say this, but this kind of bullshit makes me miss Punk’d. What’s fun about set-up pranks? Honestly, they didn’t even keep the secret for very long, so what on earth could possibly be the point? BOO!

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Paris Hilton Was The Victim Of The Worst Prank Ever

paris hilton

Okay, I don’t even LIKE Paris Hilton and I’m telling you this shit is not cool. While in Dubai to open a new hotel, Paris was somehow convinced to take an aerial tour of the city in some fancy plane. Except it wasn’t really an aerial tour, it was actually a setup for an Egyptian prank TV show, and what happened was terrifying and cruel (and okay, basically the most INSANE prank ever).

Basically, the pilot was a stunt ace and all the other passengers were actors, just waiting to trick Paris into thinking she was about to die on board this metal hellbird. I would have SHIT myself, I’m telling you. The video will make you anxious as hell, so be forewarned. You know she was losing it, because she didn’t even realize the “actors” were TERRIBLE AT THEIR JOBS and looked so unconvincing. But then, who would ever expect to be pranked like that? Some guy even skydived out of the plane! HAHA!

On an extremely loosely related note, the first time I ever flew on a plane (to LA), Paris was on my Virgin America flight! Fun times.

Here’s what Paris thought about it:

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Paris Hilton Releases New Single ‘High Off My Love’

paris hilton high off my love

Are you ready for new music from Paris Hilton? If the answer is “yes”, you’re in luck! If the answer is “no”, too bad because it’s here anyway. The new single from America’s former favourite socialite/”DJ” is called “High Off My Love” and features rapper Birdman, for some odd reason. It sounds like a Britney Spears B-Side, truth be told, and I don’t necessarily mean that as a compliment.

Before I say to much, and lest I spoil it for you, have a listen and try not to have a seizure.

So on a scale of 1 to “please God, take the gift of hearing from me”, just how bad do you think it is?

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Jeremy Jackson Says Paris Hilton And Brandon Davis Physically Attacked Him


Paris Hilton may be trying to make news with her new music but there’s a disturbing new story out about a bloody fight that happened at her Malibu place. Jeremy Jackson, of Baywatch, is saying that the heiress and Brandon Davis physically attacked him. Here’s the story from TMZ:

Jeremy Jackson says Paris, Brandon Davis and others viciously attacked him at around 2 AM … someone cracking a liquor bottle on his head. Jeremy says, “They were literally going Rodney King on my ass.”

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they got a call from 2 people, each claiming they were attacked by the other. Our sources say one of the 2 people was Paris Hilton’s brother … she has 2 and cops didn’t know which.

We’re told when cops arrived at Paris’ $65K a month rental … no one wanted to press charges so no one was arrested.

Jeremy calls the people who attacked him “degenerate fame whores,” and he includes Paris and Brandon.

What in the everloving f-ck is all this about? Here’s a photo of the damage done to Jackson:


“Degenerate fame whores” indeed.

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Let’s listen to Paris Hilton’s new single, ‘Come Alive’

paris hilton come alive

Anyone want to venture a guess as to exactly how much autotune has been put into Paris Hilton‘s new single, ‘Come Alive’? I mean, this literally sounds like a computer composite of about 80 different singers rolled into one. This is not her voice, I simply don’t believe that. Also, it’s nowhere near as good as ‘Drunk Text’… but what is?

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Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton are “feuding”

paris hilton

I feel like I’ve just been transported back to 2005, because Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton are fighting over some issue that sprung up at Coachella. Basically, Kelly apparently ignored Paris for some reason when she tried to join the VIP area, leading Paris to call her a “bitch” on Twitter. And so it goes…

From The Mirror:

“As far as Kelly is concerned, this is something out of nothing. Paris is being ridiculously sensitive and attention-seeking.

“Kelly was sitting with some mates, minding her own business, when Paris suddenly started bitching and moaning, and slagging her off.

“She was asked by someone else to join the group, but declined and swanned off. The pair didn’t speak for the rest of the weekend.”

As for what Kelly thinks of it – she’s on the same page as me:

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