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Paris Hilton Says She’s Too Perfect For Botox

paris hilton

Please try and hold your laughter until the end, guys, cos this one’s a doozy. I think it’s probably pretty safe to assume that Paris Hilton has undergone a number of cosmetic surgery procedures in the past decade or two, right? We don’t question it or think anything about it, it’s just one of those eternal facts and it is what it is. But Paris wants you to know that she doesn’t NEED anything done to make her look good, because even her dermatologist told her that she’s already perfect.

From New You (via US Weekly):

Hilton’s dermatologist will not go near the hotel heiress with Botox. “I even asked my dermatologist if I should [get Botox] and he’s like, ‘I refuse to do it to you… Your skin is perfect. I will not do it to you until you need it and I don’t know if you ever will,'” the 34-year-old said in the fall issue of New You magazine. “All my friends have done everything—boobs, nose, chin, cheeks. I live in Hollywood so I’m used to seeing it. It’s just that I’ve never wanted to do it.”

“I’m very lucky that I have listened to my mom through my young age,” Hilton said. “She told me to stay away from the sun, so my friends would be frying in the sun every day and now they all look much older and all have Botox.”

Who knows, maybe she’s being honest. Maybe a cosmetic procedure has never touched her body (LOL) and her skin is naturally glowy and perfect and a dermatologist really did tell her that, but… okay, sure. It’s Sunday and I’m feeling charitable, so let’s just pretend we believe her.

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