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Jeremy Jackson Says Paris Hilton And Brandon Davis Physically Attacked Him


Paris Hilton may be trying to make news with her new music but there’s a disturbing new story out about a bloody fight that happened at her Malibu place. Jeremy Jackson, of Baywatch, is saying that the heiress and Brandon Davis physically attacked him. Here’s the story from TMZ:

Jeremy Jackson says Paris, Brandon Davis and others viciously attacked him at around 2 AM … someone cracking a liquor bottle on his head. Jeremy says, “They were literally going Rodney King on my ass.”

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they got a call from 2 people, each claiming they were attacked by the other. Our sources say one of the 2 people was Paris Hilton’s brother … she has 2 and cops didn’t know which.

We’re told when cops arrived at Paris’ $65K a month rental … no one wanted to press charges so no one was arrested.

Jeremy calls the people who attacked him “degenerate fame whores,” and he includes Paris and Brandon.

What in the everloving f-ck is all this about? Here’s a photo of the damage done to Jackson:


“Degenerate fame whores” indeed.

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  • WTF why wouldn’t Jackson press charges? Seems like there was more to this story that Jackson isn’t saying?