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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!


Rose Byrne, you can ring my bell any time.

This week’s Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week is a little quiet. Not much goes on in those days between xmas and NYE. Last week we all went WTF at Lindsay Lohan’s outfit. Who will take that spot this week? Go through and choose your pics for BEST, WORST, and MOST WTF.


Here’s what Beyoncé wore to promote her new album. This reminds me of Jennifer Lopez. And also of a robot.


Demi Lovato performing in super shiny pants. What is with this girl and ugly blazers?



Elle MacPherson walking around in Aspen all cute and shit.

[Image removed on request]

Kirsten Dunst, trying to hide her face. Maybe she’d be less inclined to do so if she wasn’t wearing a button-up/zip-up corduroy onesie. Giiiiirl.



Here’s Lisa Swan-Losing Vanderpump. I shall not lie: I covet her boots and ring.



Paris Hilton looking so obnoxious HOWEVER I really love that sweater. :(



Gwen Stefani looking glamorous as F-CK!


And here’s some more of Rose Byrne‘s outfit:


So that’s it. Slow week, guys. I know it’s hard to pick from this bunch, but let’s do it.

BEST: Rose Byrne
WORST: Kirsten Dunst
WTF: Beyoncé


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