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Paris Hilton calls Lindsay Lohan Lame on Andy Cohen Show

lol So I’m not exactly a Paris Hilton supporter.  I think she’s pretty damn phony, but I also think she’s really good at being phony and has made a great living at it.  But if I was to arrange these “party for a living” girls in order, Lohan would definitely be below Paris.  So I delighted in this video of Paris answer Andy Cohens 3 scandalous questions.

If you can’t watch it, I’ll tell you below what happens.

When asked to say three nice things about Lindsay Lohan, Paris said “she’s…. beyond…..” and trailed off. Andy told her that was actually nice to say she’s beyond… lol. no.  Then she said “Um.. Lame and embarrassing”.

So it would seem there is still very much a bug in her bonnet when it comes to the famous fire crotch Lohan.