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Paris Hilton Was The Victim Of The Worst Prank Ever

paris hilton

Okay, I don’t even LIKE Paris Hilton and I’m telling you this shit is not cool. While in Dubai to open a new hotel, Paris was somehow convinced to take an aerial tour of the city in some fancy plane. Except it wasn’t really an aerial tour, it was actually a setup for an Egyptian prank TV show, and what happened was terrifying and cruel (and okay, basically the most INSANE prank ever).

Basically, the pilot was a stunt ace and all the other passengers were actors, just waiting to trick Paris into thinking she was about to die on board this metal hellbird. I would have SHIT myself, I’m telling you. The video will make you anxious as hell, so be forewarned. You know she was losing it, because she didn’t even realize the “actors” were TERRIBLE AT THEIR JOBS and looked so unconvincing. But then, who would ever expect to be pranked like that? Some guy even skydived out of the plane! HAHA!

On an extremely loosely related note, the first time I ever flew on a plane (to LA), Paris was on my Virgin America flight! Fun times.

Here’s what Paris thought about it:

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