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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

What a week for fashion! We had a BAFTA Awards post and a Brit Awards post. Now let’s take a look at what non-Brit award slinging celebs were wearing throughout the week in this edition of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!

Go through the outfits and make your choices for BEST, WORST, and WTF look of the week. Mine are at the bottom!


You know you’re a supermodel like Alessandra Ambrosio here when you can wear jeans and a sweatshirt and still look adorable as all hell.



This is what Brandi Glanville wore to her book signing. What in the name of holy clubbing-meets-ladies-luncheon hell is this? Tacky doesn’t even begin to describe it.


Emma Watson. Uhhh…not sure how I feel about this. Someone once criticized me for criticizing Emma Watson’s dress when I didn’t show the back/side view. So here you go:


Yeah, it’s def cuter from the side, but she sure as hell didn’t walk sideways all night. I don’t know. I like the risk she took, at least.



Fergie. God this outfit is somehow so tacky. Is it the zebra print? The insane rings? The snakeskin strappy heels? It all just looks so cheap. Like, cheaper than Forever 21. This looks like it came out of one of those stores in malls that wish they could be Forever 21.



Katy Perry looks beautiful but oh man, does that hair age her. I hope it’s just a bad wig.



Oh hey, speaking of tacky (earlier on), it’s Kim Kardashian time. I can’t even.



Lady Gaga has been pretty quiet lately. I guess probably because her latest album isn’t doing as well as she’d hoped. Every time I see her, her face is slightly different. I swear. I’m not just imagining this. Oh and obviously, this outfit is horrible, and I support most of her wacky-ass outfits.



Our favorite, Lupita Nyong’o, is looking gorge in shades of green.



I didn’t know Nick Cannon was such a fan of Newsies. And you guys know I’m gonna go off on the pants. Jesus Christ, those pants. HEM THE PANTS. THE PANTS. THEY’RE TOO LONG. HEM THE PANTS. PANTS. HEM. PANTS. PAAAAAANTS.



Padma Lakshmi in a coat that is sure to divide people in between chic and tacky (which really depends on how you feel about wearing fur). Let’s call it chacky. Still not as bad as Kim Kardashian‘s fur ensemble above.



I am usually such a fan of Reese Witherspoon‘s running errands outfits, but this one is a little too PTA mom for me.



Finally, I am loving Selena Gomez‘s “running errands outfits” lately. Those shoes. I want, I need.


Time to pick! Here are my choices:

BEST: Daisy Lowe
WORST: Kim Kardashian 
WTF: Emma Watson

Your turn!

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  • Paris Hilton’s birthday dress is sad like her calling herself a DJ is sad. Nothing ages a woman like dressing too young. She’s got worst in my book.

    Selena has best here, and I’d say WTF is going to the desperate bustier on KK.

  • Paris Hilton has a big ol’ flowy vajayjay on her breasticles! Tacky wrinkled gown for such a rich broad – very SheRa-meets-Barbie. Class up thee ass. And our beloved Brandi Glanville looks pretty if you pay no mind to the chicken legs & 80s lace. I’d dig the lace if it were see through only on the arms. Fergie looks like a goddamn foot. LOL @ pants hem freak out – TRUTH. And last but not least, Lupita is a living doll – love.