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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Lost Her ‘Rock Edge’ After Giving Birth, Despite Never Having Had It Anyway

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Listen, Kate Hudson is alright. She was mad annoying in Almost Famous, but that movie was the favourite of “artsy” kids when I was a pre-teen, so she gets a pass and it keeps her at one notch above “awful” territory. Unfortunately, her new interview with Elle drops her perilously closer to that thin line as she talks about losing her “rock edge” after becoming a mother.

“I’m a lot less a rock chick and a lot more about being a good mother, a good partner.

“I’m part of a family. That’s how we were brought up, how I bring my kids up. They are very blessed to live how they do but they are aware of that.”

Wait, so you can’t be a good parent and have a rock edge? Huh, that’s news to me. Also, in what world did she have a “rock edge” to begin with? Sleeping with musicians doesn’t count, last time I checked.

Kate also talked about getting pregnant with Matt Bellamy from Muse two months after she met him, and the following nonsense poured out of her mouth:

“It was all very old-fashioned and proper and we went on lovely dates. And two months later I was pregnant… Well, yes [I was shocked], but I also thought. ‘This is going to be interesting’.”

“I knew it would take a strong man to deal with it. You know that with a relationship things can go either way when you have a child. When you get pregnant everything changes; you, your body. Everything becomes a big decision.

“But he was there and that was that. Now it’s three wonderful years later. Things happen for a reason.”

Yes, I imagine it would take a strong man to deal with fatherhood, just like it takes a strong woman to deal with motherhood and a strong person to deal with personhood, etc. I love that her first thought after realising she was pregnant was that it would be “interesting”, like having a baby with some band bro she just met was some kind of social experiment. Maybe I just see Kate Hudson as her SNL impersonation of Drew Barrymore in my head too often, but she just sounds… not all that intelligent. No one’s hating on having babies early in a relationship because shit happens, but come on, girl.

More photos from Kate’s Elle shoot below…

Love It or Leave It: Kate Hudson Goes Brunette

photo of kate hudson movie the reluctant fundamentalist pictures photos 2013 movies pics

Look, it’s a dark-haired Kate Hudson! And you know what? I kind of like it. She sort of reminds me of Darlene Connor, and that can never really be a bad thing.

Anyway, the brunette hair is for a movie Hudson’s filming, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, which hits theaters in 2013. From IMDB:

A young Pakistani man working on Wall Street finds his approach to life changes after 9/11.

The film also stars Kiefer (yay!) Sutherland and Liev Schreiber, but you probably don’t have to worry about seeing this. I mean, all signs point to the world ending  sometime in 2012, so they just may as well scrap this whole project. As a matter of fact? Scrap all projects that won’t be ready for 2012. There’s some extra money for you, Wall Street protesters.

Kate Hudson’s Dad Wrote A Book, And It Is SUCH A Guilt Trip

A photo of Kate Hudson

Man, aren’t parental guilt trips the worst? It’s like, yeah, I haven’t called my grandma in forever, but would you want to call someone if all they said to you was “you’re going to hell, sinner”?

But Kate Hudson‘s parental guilt trip sounds a whole lot worse than the conversation I have to have every now and then with my mom, because, see, Kate Hudson’s dad wrote it in the form of a book that’s described as “not a Hollywood tell-all, but instead an emotional outreach.” And so it begins.

“Kate doesn’t have to talk to me and she doesn’t have to give her a dime of her millions. All I want is for her to call and say, ‘Hi grandma’, before it’s too late,” Bill said. “I love Kate, but… She has done stuff which is just awful. She is a spoiled brat in my eyes and at the end of the day, she should meet her little sister. I should meet my grandchild and she should help her grandmother.”

Ok, I agree that in a solid amount of situations, it’s important to stick with your family, because in a solid amount of situations, they’ve done good by you. And I also agree that Kate Hudson seems like kind of a pill, but you can say that in a letter, you know, or you can write it in your diary or get a Tumblr or something. Ain’t nobody gonna take you seriously if you publish a book telling your daughter to call her grandma. Right?

Kate Hudson Looks Just As She Should Post-Baby

photo of kate hudson baby body post pictures photos pics

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing more refreshing than seeing an ultra-celeb who looks completely normal after nine months of pregnancy, forty hours of grueling labor, and six weeks. This is Kate Hudson, and *I don’t care how many rock bands she ruins; she’s a good example of being a normal human being in a world where normal is looked at like it’s the plague.

*This is all partially because I’m sitting here eating Ben & Jerry’s as we speak (Fair Goodness Cake!), and what you see here is what I’m aiming for sometime around mid-March. Woo!

Man, How Good Does Kate Hudson Look?

photo of kate hudson post baby pictures photos

She just popped that baby out, what, two minutes ago? Jeez. Girlfriend must just be one of those lucky ladies that practically bounces right back to what they were even without the aid of diuretics, cigarettes, or post-natal plastic surgery. I know they’re few and far between, but they apparently do exist.

Either that, you know, or that patterned maxi dress is doing its THING.

Regardless, looking good Kate!

How Do We Like Kate Hudson’s Baby’s Name?

A photo of Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson

Bingham Hawn Bellamy. That’s a good, strong name, isn’t it? I mean, it’s no Bear Blu or Harper Seven, but it’ll do. Plus, the loving parents, Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy, are planning on calling him “Bing” for short. And if that’s not the most adorable thing you’ve heard all day, well … I guess you must have heard about a kitten riding a friendly baby bear or something. And I’m jealous.

To add to the already adorable name, it turns out that it’s a family name. On both sides, even! Here’s Matthew’s explanatory Tweet:

“For those wondering, Bingham is my mum’s maiden name and Bing Russell was Kurt’s dad. Family connections all round!”

It’s probably because of that summer when all I did was listen to “Starlight” and sip margaritas, but I think Matthew and Kate make a real cute couple. Anybody else?

Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson Had Their Babies!

A photo of Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson

Yesterday, Kate Hudson gave birth to a healthy little baby boy. No word yet on the name, but for now I’m sure we can get by with imagining the baby’s father and Kate’s fiance, Matthew Bellamy of Muse, singing the kid some lullabyes. Doesn’t that sound nice?

You know what sounds nicer? This morning, Victoria Beckham gave birth to her little girl! Girlfriend is healthy, weighing in at seven pounds and ten ounces – the baby, not Victoria, LOL! – and, considering her parents, I’m sure she’s the most darling thing. And of course, there’s no name yet, but I don’t think that really matters because I’m calling the girl Santa any time I need to refer to her.

What’s next, world of celebrity babies? Please, oh please, let it be that Paris Hilton is pregnant with the antichrist. Please.