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Kate Hudson Got Knocked Up By Matthew Bellamy

Fun news, guys. Kate Hudson is apparently about four months pregnant with Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy’s baby. This would be Kate’s second child with a musician father and also her second child period. You know what that is? That’s the start of a pattern.

ANYWAY, the source close to the couple who’s been blabbing their private deets to the tabloids said that while the baby was not planned (no duh), the couple is embracing the news and the idea of co-parenthood.

Wonder why these two didn’t pull a Portman and get engaged before the news hit the papers….

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  • A tiny bit of my soul dies with this news. If she really is preggers Matthew will be stuck to that ruiner of men for life.

  • Bless her heart; Kate appears to have quite the thing for unattractive musicians. As you say, this is the second one. Indeed, we do see a pattern developing. How nice for the wee zygote – to know in years to come, that it was advertised far and wide that he/she is the product of a momentary lapse of judgment brought on by the rapture that sometimes occurs whilst listening to music.

  • O.O
    When I saw this I was literally like this :O
    I never thought they’d have a kid
    Congratulations then