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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s Father Publicly Disowns Her & Brother Oliver

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I don’t know too much about Kate Hudson‘s upbringing, but I do know that her mom, Goldie Hawn, had a 30-year love affair with Kurt Russell and it’s Russell who pretty much raised Kate and her brother Oliver. The kids’ biological father, Bill Hudson, was divorced from Hawn by the time Kate was 18 months old, and he hasn’t really been in their lives since. Well, now he’s claiming that the decision not to be involved with his kids wasn’t his fault at all, and basically screw them, because he’s publicly disowning them after they dissed him on Father’s Day.

First, here are the Instagram posts that set him off:

Happy abandonment day… @katehudson

A photo posted by Oliver Hudson (@theoliverhudson) on

Pa, just simply….. Thank you ???? Happy Fathers Day I love you to the moon and back. ? #HappyFathersDay

A photo posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on

And here’s Bill’s lengthy and insane statement to The Daily Mail (which… his choice of publication alone should be enough to show you where his head is at):

‘I say to them now, ‘“I set you free,” he pronounced, his voice breaking. ‘I had five birth children but I now consider myself a father of three. I no longer recognise Oliver and Kate as my own.

‘I would ask them to stop using the Hudson name. They are no longer a part of my life. Oliver’s Instagram post was a malicious, vicious, premeditated attack. He is dead to me now. As is Kate. I am mourning their loss even though they are still walking this earth.’

Ummm… WHAT? That’s so insane! He also went on to claim that Goldie poisoned the kids against him and that he’d been trying to be involved with Kate and Oliver’s lives for years but they rejected him. Which I guess makes perfect sense when you consider that he’s now “mourning their loss” because they’re dead to him? Someone needs to hit up some therapy.

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Are Kate Hudson and Chris Martin a thing now?

kate hudson chris martin

Jeez, Chris Martin sure gets around, eh? After getting rid of Goop, he swiftly moved on to Jennifer Lawrence and NOW may be bumping uglies with 3-months-single Kate Hudson. At least that’s the rumour on the street since they’ve been hanging out at the beach together, apparently.

They brought a whole gaggle of kids with them – their kids, obviously, and what seemed to be a couple friends – and it’s likely that their playdate in Malibu was totally casual and between friends. OR MAYBE NOT. Who knows. Kate and Gwyneth are good friends, apparently, and have been for years, making it less likely that either of them would shit where they eat, so to speak.

I feel like these two are a bit long in the tooth in terms of their Hollywood experience to hit up a public ass Malibu beach together if they were trying to be low key about a potential romance.

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Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy call off their engagement

kate hudson matt bellamy

In a turn of events that literally everyone saw coming, it seems as though there will be no marital bliss for Kate Hudson and (ex-)fiancé and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, as they’ve decided to call off their engagement. This is, of course, hardly a surprise, since even as far back as last March, Kate had stopped wearing her engagement ring.  They seemed to be trying to work things out over the summer, but alas, some things are not meant to be and now it’s all over.

“Kate and Matt have been separated for some time now,” Hudson’s rep tells PEOPLE. “Despite this, they remain very close friends and committed co-parents.”

Makes sense, and good for them. Then again, I really hate the necessity of people who split up to insist that they’re still great friends, as if that’s a pre-requisite to having a “successful” transition from couple to single people. Guess what: most exes aren’t really friends, at least not for a long while, and that’s okay! It’s actually HEALTHY for you to not be friends with your ex for a while after ending the relationship.

Anyhow, good luck to them both. Matt has band shit going on, I’m sure, and Kate has… Farmville or something, and they’re both selling wine, so everything will be just fine. Also, this is the way to do it – they were smart enough to actually spend time being engaged instead of quickly running down the aisle. This will make things a whole lot easier, legally speaking.

P.S. Extra hilarious rumour alert: Kate is apparently involved with Derek Hough now from Dancing with the Stars! LOL on so many levels.

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Kate Hudson works hard to look good

kate hudson

When you look at Kate Hudson, I bet the very first thing that pops into your mind is, “How does she do it? How does she look so damn good?” Well, here’s the answer you probably never wanted to hear: she works hard for it. It’s not natural! Being super hot and sexy requires dedication, and Kate’s coming clean about just how much effort goes into maintaining her Hollywood looks.

The How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days actress admitted to Us Weekly at her mom Goldie Hawn‘s charity event Love In For Kids on Nov. 21 that she works her “ass off” to stay in shape and there’s simply no other secret to looking good.

After dishing that she loves a “real serious double double burger, fries, and Coke,” the Fabletics designer, 35, admitted that she has to work hard in the gym to maintain her perfect physique.

“I wouldn’t say [I work out] a lot, just consistently…People think for some reason you have to work out for two and a half hours…but, it can be little. It can be 20 minutes, it could be 40 minutes, but you have to [get it in],” she said. “You can’t do like two weeks and go like do two days and then take a week off and then do three days and then go, ‘Why aren’t I [seeing results?] I don’t get it.’ You know, you just got to do it — sad, like anything else in life!”

I mean… duh? I will never understand why anyone thinks there’s some magical secret to how someone in Hollywood looks. Not only do they do the whole “healthy diet and exercise” thing – often to extreme levels – but they have millions of dollars with which to hire private chefs, personal trainers and to invest in insane beauty treatments and Photoshopping and a million other things. It’s not brain surgery, people.

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Kate Hudson is a Farmville character now

kate hudson farmville

Kate Hudson has made dozens of movies and has millions of dollars, but I’d say the highlight of her career has to be the fact that she’s now been animated and turned into a character in that awful Facebook game that your “friends” won’t stop sending you. That’s right: Kate is part of Farmville.

From People:

Starting Tuesday, fans of the FarmVille 2: Country Escape game will meet an avatar based on the actress, who, along with longtime fiancé and Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy, produces Hudson-Bellamy Wines. Players will get to virtually make both Hudson’s wine as well as her own fig burrata flatbread recipe, which she told PEOPLE was inspired by “fall, my absolute favorite time of year to cook.”

Hudson said that both she and Bellamy play the Country Escapes version of FarmVille, which she calls “engaging and adorable,” and that the experience of appearing in it has made her rethink her wardrobe a bit.

“Creating the avatar was really fun and it’s always funny to see yourself as a cartoon character. We got a good kick out of it, although I will say I’m really digging the outfit and I may need to go purchase some short overalls,” she said.

Uh… how did I not know that Kate and Matt Bellamy make wine? Who do they think they are, Brad and Angelina? This is the most bizarre marketing I’ve ever seen, in any case.

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Kate Hudson doesn’t have an eating disorder

kate hudson

Rumours go flying around about this actress or that having an eating disorder pretty much every day – and unfortunately a lot of them are true. However, one actress who swears gossip about her relationship with food is untrue is Kate Hudson, who says she has never and will never suffer from an eating disorder of any kind.

From Red magazine:

She once sued a publication for saying she was dangerously thin.

‘That I had an eating disorder,’ she corrects me, ‘and, if there is one thing I will never have, it is an eating disorder. I won’t have girls – even if it is just one or two who care – thinking that. Because it’s a serious sickness, not something to plaster on the cover of a magazine. And I am the opposite.’

The irony is that she was also attacked for putting on a lot of weight when pregnant with Ryder. ‘Right! And I want to be giving girls the message that, sometimes you do gain 70 pounds having a baby, and you can lose it if you want. The whole point is I want girls to love themselves. I want them to feel good about who they are.’

Well… good for you? It’s a sad state of affairs when we’re applauding women for NOT having eating disorders, to be honest. THAT should be the norm, not starving yourself or throwing up everything you eat. Either way, I hope she is healthy and happy with the way she looks – I think she’s lovely (albeit slightly annoying)!

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Oh great, Kate Hudson is on her moral high horse

kate hudson

Kate Hudson has always been a bit corny, but generally pretty harmless since she never talks about anything worthwhile (sample topics: not being able to afford designer dresses and losing her “rock edge” after having kids). However, she’s apparently decided to throw us a curveball by offering her thoughts on the very serious subject of two of her ex-boyfriends, Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez, getting caught doping.

From InStyle (via Radar Online):

The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star tells InStyle that she was “as shocked as anyone” after Armstrong confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career – a career that included seven consecutive Tour de France victories.

Those victories, however, have since been stripped and the cycling superstar forever is banned from competitive cycling. And his former girlfriend isn’t afraid to express her agreement with the Union Cycliste Internationale’s decision.

“I personally think that you make the choices you make and you should reap the consequences,” Hudson told InStyle.

“Lance and Alex are phenomenal athletes who have made some bad choices and let a lot of people down,” she said. “It’s a decision they made for themselves, and they’ve got to loathe it.”

They’ve got to loathe it? What a bizarre thing to say. Frankly, I don’t think this is a topic that anyone needed her thoughts on – or anyone else’s, for that matter. What Armstrong and Rodriguez did has been discussed to the ends of the earth, but guess whose opinion really matters? No one’s, except maybe the athletic organizations that have decided to ban them. What they did was illegal and morally wrong, perhaps, but no one needs fucking Kate Hudson, a public figure, sounding off about it in a major publication. It just seems tacky – especially considering her prior involvement with them. As if she’s so enlightened, anyway.

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