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Are Kate Hudson and Chris Martin a thing now?

kate hudson chris martin

Jeez, Chris Martin sure gets around, eh? After getting rid of Goop, he swiftly moved on to Jennifer Lawrence and NOW may be bumping uglies with 3-months-single Kate Hudson. At least that’s the rumour on the street since they’ve been hanging out at the beach together, apparently.

They brought a whole gaggle of kids with them – their kids, obviously, and what seemed to be a couple friends – and it’s likely that their playdate in Malibu was totally casual and between friends. OR MAYBE NOT. Who knows. Kate and Gwyneth are good friends, apparently, and have been for years, making it less likely that either of them would shit where they eat, so to speak.

I feel like these two are a bit long in the tooth in terms of their Hollywood experience to hit up a public ass Malibu beach together if they were trying to be low key about a potential romance.

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  • Hey she likes screwing musicians, she could be like Alyssa Milano and do pro athletes but she took a different path.