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Update: Kate Hudson is Definitely Bumping Her Ugly Against a Newer, Hopefully Less-Bumped, Ugly

photo of muse frontman matthew bellamy

Yup, we covered this yesterday, but eyewitnesses now confirm that Kate and Matthew Bellamy have been spotted in public together, so you all know what that means: they’re making sweet, sweet love.

According to People magazine eyewitnesses:

Hudson flew to Paris and attended a Muse concert. The next day, “the pair were seen strolling through the Place Vendome, a square in the center of Paris. ‘They seemed very much a couple,’ a witness tells PEOPLE. ‘Just walking together, enjoying the sunshine.’ Later that afternoon, Hudson and Bellamy opted for a late lunch on the Left Bank at the celebrated Brasserie Lipp, leaving through a rear exit of the eatery when photographers turned up.

Damn, does girlfriend work fast. She just went to the concert and the next day, they’re supposedly shackin’ up?  Kate Hudson seems like she changes fuck-buddies boyfriends as often as I change panties … which is a lot. And no, not ’cause I’ve got some kind of gross feminine problem, but because I’m a fanatic about fresh panties in the same way I’m a fanatic about having clean teeth. I brush my teeth three times a day and change my underwear almost as often (if I’m even wearing any that day; it’s a common occurrence that I’m not), so do the math.

But you know, I always liked Kate Hudson. I really, really did. I thought she was just the height of boho-cool when she starred as Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Totally fantastic movie. And not to mention, she’s the daughter of Goldie-fucking-Hawn, who, in my book, is insurmountably epic. Ever see Overboard, the perfect Sunday afternoon movie? Yup. Enough said.

However, since her split with ex-husband Chris Robinson, she just kind of became tacky and unappealing to me. When she was married to Robinson, it was like she was married to one of the guys from Stillwater. It was such a great pairing. But then Kate and Chris separated and Kate began serial-screwing and doing crap movies like Fool’s Gold and Raising Helen. Down. Hill.

Anyway, this is definitely the guy she’s banging, now, and I guess it’ll play out like all of the rest of her short-lived flings have — sex, sex, whining, sex, and finally, the coup de grace, inevitable burnout.

Happy humping, Kate!

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  • who would ever change their underwear that much? seriously, make a gyno apt. if every couple of hours, you feel that your underwear isn't 'fresh,' I think there is something wrong with your vaheeeena. gross.

    and who goes from either compulsively changing underwear to not wearing underwear? does that mean you then would change your pants three times a day then?

    just so much ew.

    • Lisa! Good to know you dropped your “Anonymous” guise and have returned to your roots. It’s been, what, months?

  • Been a Muse fan since 1999 now, and I am SO disgusted Matt has went from a cute low-profile Italian psychologist (for 8 years) to a stupid and trashy Hollywood actress.
    I seriously hope this is not gonna last 'cause that just makes me SICK.

  • THANK you…read that part of the post and wondered what crawled up in there and died…and why she thinks we need to know this…

  • +1!
    I hate the fact that Matt is on gossip sites and tabloids now, this isn't Muse, they never were that type of band and this is really pissing me off.

    I really hope this isn't gonna last, I can't believe she was a few feet away from me at the Paris gig..

  • whats wrong with someone changing their underwear alot? better than someone who wears the same shit for three fuckin days at a time.

  • Same thing for me .. I was there too in Paris and I'm ahappy I didn't know about her then. Otherwise I would have kept looking at the sides of the stage.
    Really cool gig by the way (I was there on Friday only, I had to get back to my internship in England XD)

  • Kate Hudson rose from A. Rod, it is ready to conquer a new man, maybe this time Justin Timberlake. The singer was rumored to be at school with his girlfriend Jessica Biel in a while now, so it could be the perfect time for Kate to melt in.

  • well apparently someone wore their undies weeks straight and now has major vagina issues. or vagina-brain issues (catholic school perhaps?) vaginas aren't gross y'all! they are great!

    if there is not something wrong, one a day should be just fine. it's not like my undies are disgustingly “dirty” by the end of the day. oh man, *shudder*

    and everyone…. FRONT TO BACK. this has been a clean vaheeeeena public service announcement.