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Maneater Kate Hudson Has Found Her Newest Victim

Kate Hudson has moved on from A.Rod and she’s ready to conquer a new man, perhaps this time Justin Timberlake. The singer has been rumored to be on the outs with girlfriend Jessica Biel for some time now, so it could be the perfect time for Kate to swoop in. reported yesterday:

“Kate’s always had a thing for Justin, and after reading that his romance with Jessica Biel is over, she’s decided to make her move,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“They’ve known each other for years, but up until now the timing has been bad. Kate was married for a long time and Justin’s had several girlfriends.”

Hudson and Timberlake were reportedly seen getting cozy at the recent SAG Awards, where the pair presented Alec Baldwin with the Best Actor trophy.

“Kate flirted with Justin outrageously that night, and he was all over her,” the source adds. “They exchanged numbers in the green room.”

OK, so the National Enquirer and don’t seem like the most reputable sources, but Kate and Justin aren’t all that hard to imagine together. Both are known for being kind of goofy stoners who love to laugh, so maybe once Justin and Jessica are officially over they’ll give it a go?

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  • Nope, this isn’t true. He and Jessica are still together. Kate and Justin only presented an award together and so of course they are now sleeping together according to the tabloids. Besides, Kate has a new guy she was photographed with in New Orleans last week and they looked pretty cozy. I guess because he’s not famous that doesn’t get any attention and the tabloids have to go for a story again about poor J & J.

  • Timberlake was at the Oberon Theater in Cambridge last weekend for some award from Harvard. Apparently he and Biel were eating face the entire time. I highly doubt their relationship is as spotty as the tabloids make it seem.

  • Ya know, although I hate saying this, The National Enquirer has sort of been right with quite a few things – including this John Edwards ho bag thing, so maybe there’s some truth to this.

    Kate is kind of slutty in her own sweet way, while Justin Timberlake seems to bounce from one girl to the next without ever staying single for long. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is true.

    • Wrong assknob, he and Biel just announced their expecting and have been seen everywhere together and everyone saying the relationship is stronger than ever. Besides, Jessica Biel and her tight ass, smokin body would kick J.T.’s azz if he stepped out on the hottie with the body. She is an underrated beauty, and I doubt J.T. would risk puttin his cock in HO bag Hudson, the bitch has been spread around more than butter baby. She looks like she got some miles on that old stank monkey.

  • Both JT and Hudson are unattractive, see her with the brown dye job? That girl could stop a clock. Neither of them have any type of real charisma either. I get the weirdo vibe from both of them, he’s a mama’s boy and she’s a spoiled brat from PP. They probably deserve each other.