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Amanda Bynes Announces on Twitter That She Loves Black Men

Oh, thank God for I was in bed at 5 AM, scrolling through my Twitter feed on my Blackberry because I couldn’t sleep, and I see Amanda Bynes talking about how much she loves black dick. I was like, “Is that girl really awake at five AM Twittering about her love of black men? This is too early to be talking about bros.” I knew I had to talk to you guys about  how outrageous and random it was for this chick to be going on and on about how she “prefers chocolate” at that hour in the morning, but by the time I got over to my computer the Tweets had already been deleted. Thankfully they’d been preserved elsewhere.

It’s not that interracial dating is a big deal. In fact, I think it’s bizarre she feels the need to say anything about dating non-white men at all. The thing of note here is that Amanda Bynes is up at five AM passive-aggressively posting Tweets saying that she’s in to black dudes and then deleting them. Does her love of black cock never rest? Does she ever rest?

If her Tweets from Grammy weekend weren’t enough to scare a man away, I’m sure she’s done herself in now.

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  • Kinda funny, given the character she played in “Hairspray”. ..’but now I’ve tasted chocolate, and I’m never going back!’

  • So weird to identify as either vanilla or chocolate. What’s up with that? And, NOBODY cares who she likes, do they? True love is color blind, money blind, and gender blind (if you so choose).

  • So pathetic that she makes statements about her sexual preference just to get some attention! She’s a snore….

  • This gal is the quintessence of leakage. She obviously is incredibly proud of herself and this guy(s?). Way to fill the gossip vacuum about yourself, Amanda.

  • amanda bynes going with black men– man she must smell pretty bad to be with blacks–she has no self-respect–her parents must be ready to jump off a cliff–what a slut she is

    • I’m so sick of pathetic white guys always crying about beautiful white women wanting some LONG STRONG BLACK DICK. Get used too it. White women are tired of the plain ordinary white bread. They what variety. (That includes getting away from the dumb ass white guys who try n act black-so dam stupid). Anyway all white guys do is call others names like they are 5-6 years old. The white women who date black men are (insert name) and the black men who move their internal organs around are (insert name). blah blah blah. Look if you have to try to SHAME your women into dating within their own race then you need to honestly look at WHITE MEN as a race all together. Honestly ITS OVER…If a white female has a chance to date outside of her race-ALL WHITE WOMEN-the fine ass hell ones too, THEY WILL. They want that LONG STEEL (BLACK) DICK. PERIOD. END OF STORY….

      • Amanda Bynes wrote this shit it was 4 in the morning she was probably drunk she also talked about how she would like to try magic mushrooms thruth is she has hard time finding job her selfesteem was to the floor so of course black men were circling her but don’t worry ”big black penis” she will be back.

        Look at her previous boyfriends, if she can get that kind of men she will never go for a Big black penis.

      • Jealous much? Don’t get mad at her because the black dick she likes is worth more than a million times you are.

  • All I got from it is that she loved chocolate. I guess if she said I loves me some sushi we’d all think she’s fucking Jon gosselin

  • Alot of women secretly want to have sex or date black men anyway. White men constantly put it in their heads that its odd or strange to be with black men. Way to go Amanda for stepping out from behind their shadow and doing what you really want to do!

  • amanda bynes if u can read this my name is zack and i’d really like to talk to u even though ur probally having the time of your life bein famous and all that and u probally want talk to me because im not no one famous im just a normal person livin in a suckie life and the only thing that keeps my heart beeting is knowin ur ok and beeing able to see that presious face of urs and if i could spend just 10 min with u it would feel like forever i know it too

  • …..i guess its mildly racist. you know seeing black boys as a novelty and kind of mildly racist against white boys too. darn i just wish it was 3 years ago when i was single and she liked petite chicks as I’m watching her in a movie atm and I’m kind of aroused by her.

  • ok first off all she is obsessed with Drake. this bitch got dumped by kid cudi and now she’s all over his friend Drizzy Drake. is she serious or is she just trying to get attention. ooh yh lets face it Drake will never go for her. i mean y would he?

    • When they asked her about this rumor in a interview she laughed and said it wasn’t true.

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  • I just have a problem with the stuff like black coffee, chocolate, etc. why not just say that she wants black cock to fill her holes?

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  • I was reading and closer to the top it is a guy called white destroyer the sad part is you are just as much a biggot as the other stupid ass disgrace to the white race that was shootin racial slurs sorry my old lady was with a black dude and hate to say it I am hung more than he was and on top of it dick size has no fucking thing to do with it. She probably is like most women that prefer a certain type of looking man. other than that you should be ashamed of your stupid ass remarks. If my BLACK buddies in Union City GA was to hear you say shit like that they would probably beat your fuckin ass. take care learn so etiquette and go to school for being such a dumbass

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  • Had this Amanda Bynes stated that she prefers vanilla over chocolate with regard to her racial dating habits, she would have been labeled a racist; because white people are not allowed to have a racial preference when it comes to dating and marring their own race. However, if you’re white and you ONLY want to date outside your race, it’s seen as being perfectly okay. No one will label you a racist or preach to you about how race and color shouldn’t matter. It’s obvious that those who say “race and color don’t matter” are only directing this belief towards those who wish to only date within their own race, and not towards whites who also have a racial and color obsession with regard to only dating black people.

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  • I want to do research and find if Amanda Bynes is involved with a black guy. I think that she is Jewish anyway.

    Some Jewish people are between whites and blacks mainly because they are Middle Eastern anyways.

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