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There’s Nothing Cute About a Pregnant Woman Acting Like a Boy Crazy Teen, Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson and her soon-to-be baby daddy Matt Bellamy were photographed walkin’ around LA yesterday, suckin’ face and exposing Kate’s pregnant belly. This moment would be slightly odd but generally innocent if these two didn’t know there was a cameraman stalking them and recording their every move, but in several of these photos, Matt’s looking directly into the camera. The fact that Kate’s making out with her man in the street and allowing her body to be seen like that knowing full well these photos will wind up on a site like this is bizarre to me.

Just to be clear, I’m not knocking these two for being affectionate or for being excited about their baby. Those are both things that every couple has a right to do, but to be so blasé about what should be personal is borderline vulgar to me. It feels almost like she’s staging this moment instead of genuinely living it and as someone who’s already a mother, I would think she’d have more of a protective instinct. I was under the impression that Kate Hudson’s no Heidi Montag.

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  • I have to kind of agree with you on this one. Personally, I’ll be glad when this “bump-itis” style goes out of style. I may take a lot of heat for this, but these clingy tops and dresses that everybody has been wearing tends to make the women look like trailer trash….knocked the hell up! Not to wander, but they haven’t been together very long, have they? I get the vibe that the pregnancy was definitely unplanned.

  • Kate Hudson is just a cum dumpster. If she has one more kid by a different guy, she’ll be officially trailer trash.