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Kate Hudson is in London and BTW, She’s Getting on My Nerves

Have any of you seen Something Borrowed yet? I have not, but a friend of mine went to see it yesterday and he called me after and said, “Kate Hudson, at some point in every single scene, says, ‘Woo!’ and does a crazy little dance. She’s literally setting back women 37 years every single time she opens her mouth.”

So I found that to be pretty annoying. Not just because he’d spoiled part of the movie for me, either. It’s a bummer that someone who’s career showed so much promise when she first broke out has thrown herself face first into Hollywood’s RomCom Machine. She’s been in it for a minute now, obviously. This is nothing new, but like, between that and her seemingly maneater-ish tendencies, I’m just done with her. And she made Owen Wilson almost kill himself. We can’t forget that.

But I can’t be entirely mean to a pregnant woman. I can’t. So I’ll just show you these photos of her walking around London with her fiance, Muse front man Matt Bellamy, yesterday and say that she looks like she’s having a real nice time for herself despite the fact that she’s recites tired-ass lines for a living and she’s totally glowing or whatever.

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  • I GUARANTEE that Kate will dump Matt Bellamy within 3 years. She’s a flake of the first order. Will be interesting to see how her kids turn out.

  • I’m sorry, I don’t follow. How exactly is she setting women back 37 years? Sincerely, I don’t understand the statement.

  • She is one really annoying woman. Don’t see her talent or beauty. She’s tall, I’ll give her that, but she’s got a square flat face…and had a nose job as well. Would never admit it though.
    She falls in love more often than Liz Taylor!