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Kate Hudson And Matt Bellamy?

A photo of Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy, frontman of Muse, have reportedly been dating for the past few weeks.  They’ve been doing their best to keep their new love a secret, but later this month at the Glastonbury Festival they plan on going public.  Are you not so excited for them?

Ok, I don’t really care about Kate Hudson or who she’s banging (though I respect that some people really do), but Muse?  I love me some Muse, and now I have this awful video playing in my head of Matt Bellamy tenderly and beautifully singing “Starlight” to Kate Hudson, who is an indistinct blonde blob of indifference.

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  • I wondered when she got so husky before I realized that was someone else's arm behind her.

  • FYI, I live in Malibu. I grew up thinking of her family as this peace and love hippie clan, they seemed like people I could identify with. I was fairly excited the first time I found her and I at the same party. As soon as I was introduced to her , that faded. Unfortunately, she is nothing like you would expect Goldies' daughter to be like. She is way rude and clearly does not like women. Her insecurities make more of a presence then she does. I will not go in specifics but it is ridiculous. All the women that I know say the same thing about her, “What a disappointment” . I have run into her numerous times and nothing has changed. Some may say, “Oh, that is how you have to be when you are famous”. In reality, there are 1,000 people who are more famous then her and 100 times more pleasant. In my line of work I come across many of them. In my opinion, the only other person that is on her level of unpleasantness is Courtney Love. That is saying a lot. But you have to a sympathy for her, she spent her formative years ugly and flat as a board. That has to have some effect. Lesson here, you can meet you idols because many of them are amazing. Just do not idolize this lady.

  • All I am trying to convey is that there are people out there with real talent and humanitarian qualities that deserve to be lionized. Philosophers, poets, musicians, writers etc. There are even actors/actresses who are beyond lovely, sweet people. There is nothing wrong with looking up to people and being inspired by them. However, mainstream celebrities come equipped with a team of people who's sole purpose is help them project an image of perfection, while hiding there true selves. I thankfully have not had to deal with too many negative people in my life. So when I (and other people) come across one whom also happens to be a famous actress, it stands out. Perhaps you think I have issues because I wrote that she “grew up ugly and flat as a board”. I am not quite sure that you understood that I meant that was how she spent her childhood , I did not say that she was still that way. She is far from ugly. But if you see photos of her when she was growing up… It must have been hard having a sex symbol mother. I am not some jealous person just out to talk shit about everybody. This was the first time I have ever posted a mean comment anywhere. But yes it gets my goat when women are mean and rude to each other out of insecurity and I feel she should be called out. Just don't be deluded by the facade.

    • I believe you. My friend worked on the set in one of her movie. he told me she was rather arrogant and very unfriendly. Not a nice person at all. I do not like her movies because they’re all the same and besides there are other actresses that are way more talented and probably much more humble that Kate. If it was not for her mother Goldie, Kate could never be where she is today

  • I am pretty sure that Matt Bellamy is married. Last year he was supposed to have this futuristic wedding with space ships and other sci-fi junk. His wife was some Italian he met at the beach.

  • I have to say that I think just as you about this. I am not against people getting married or whatever. In fact, I would be EXTREMELY happy if Matt got married and was happy, had kids (new muse generation), bla, bla, bla,…
    But with her? I don't know her, but she is so…(wordless:p)
    I didn't like Gaia either, and I know it seems that I don't want him to be with anyone, but I have nothing to do with that!
    It's their life, not ours, but still….HER!
    It's kinda unbelieveble isn't it?
    He is in the perfect age to get married though.(I don't know neither of them, I don't know “how” they are and whatever), actually I don't want to offend anyone, but I don't really believe that he is dating with someone, I meen he was with Gaia for 8 years and a half!! It's been a few months and he forgot her just like that?
    I don't know and I repeat, I don't want to offend anyone, so…although it's confusing, that's what I think about this…

  • Soph, altough I don't know her, I'm very good with people and when I see someone I have a first thought about them, and I'm always right in that thought. ALWAYS. All I can say is that my first thought about her wasn't…uhm how can say this without being unpleasant?…beautiful. In fact, it was pretty bad (not trying to offend no one!!)

  • I'm really hoping that when Matt is asked about her during some interview, he'll be like… “Wait.. what? You really thought…? PAH. NO! NO… She said she liked my music or something and bought me lunch. Yeah we're not a thing…”
    Then he'll fly away on a pegacorn and turn into a mighty hawk in the sky.

    at least the first bit has a strong chance of actually happening. I'm pretty sure this is just one ridiculously overblown rumor spurred by a few photos of Kate Hudson trying to be buddy buddy with someone who has more class than her. In the photos that I've seen, Matt doesn't even look all that engaged with whatever she's blabbing about.

  • Matt can do much better than a Blonde bimbo American actress. I hope it's just rumours, or a fling, because he'd been with Gaia for over 6 years and they only broke up late last year, & I don't think he would have got over her this quickly.. Whereas Kate Hudson jumps from one guy to another like a flea. I hope he comes to his senses soon, otherwise she'll break his heart. :[

  • Mattt Bellamy and the rest of Muse have always seemed well grounded. I have been a fan for 9 years but I always worried when they became really popular, it would go to their heads. Celebs dating celebs. Shallow and makes a lot of the song lyrics seem hollow. No one has the right to tell them how to live their lives but please, if this blonde bimbo is really what Matt wants hanging on his arm then he is not the person I thought he was.