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Simon Monjack Had A Secret Or Two

A photo of Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy

And those secrets were children.

When Simon’s family went through his computer after his death, they found a series of emails from two different women who demanded child support from Monjack.  The family handed the computer over to the coroner, and after the emails were reviewed, it was found that Monjack had a son with one of the women and a daughter with the other.

The computer also showed that Monjack was wiring a lot of money – as much as $48,000 in a single transfer – to various lawyers, and to someone from a settlement of unknown origins.

There’s always been suspicions of Monjack being a little off, but this is absurd.  Do you think Brittany knew about the kids, or was this a secret that Monjack was hoping to keep all to his creepy self?

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  • Ha! Emily, I can't believe you linked to a 2007 article I wrote titled “Hey You Guys, How Gross Is Brittany Murphy's Husband?” OMG. I totally forgot about that, and should definitely NOT be laughing about it right now. But, OMG, hysterical laughter.

  • But you were absolutely right…he totally WAS gross! She was cute…Uptown Girls was on TV the other day and it reminded me that she really was cute before she got so skinny at the end. I don't know how she wound up going from Ashton to this guy (wasn't Eminem in there somewhere, too?), but she obviously had self-esteem issues and/or was easily manipulated and controlled. I mean, we may never know the whole story, but something funky was going on there, and she paid for it dearly. I wish I could feel bad that he met his end, too, but the bastard seemed like he had it coming to him!