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Simon Monjack’s Gone Way Off the Deep End

Radar Online
has gotten an exclusive interview with the one person you could probably give a rat’s ass less about:  Simon Monjack.  From he get-go, this tool seemed to have a sick obsession with his late wife, Brittany Murphy, and wanted nothing more than to suck her soul, talent — and money.

However, Monjack claims that although he received “six-figure” offers from other media outlets to be allowed inside the house and to grimly view the “death room”, he’s refused because he claims that it isn’t about money.

In the interview, Monjack speaks softly and gesticulates with a cigar stub around the bathroom, where he claimed that Murphy had a “penchant” for cosmetics, as you can clearly see from the clutter in the video and photo images.   Monjack states that this particular viewing of the bathroom was his first since Murphy died in late December.

Despite my personal aversions to this guy and unless he’s a very talented actor — which I’m thinking no — you can tell he’s still completely devastated by Murphy’s death. Regardless, whether or not he’s been paid for these interviews and whether he knowingly solicited the attention that he’s garnered as a result of Murphy’s demise aside, it still seems an oddly morbid and voyeuristic thing to do in showing the bathroom of death on a national broadcast.

You can watch the “infamous bathroom” interview in its entirety here and you can view the discussion regarding where the Monjack/Murphy relationship was allegedly heading [Spoiler: It had to do with kids.] here.

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  • I dunno about this dude. I mean it doesn’t sit well with me for anyone to show off the room their loved one recently died in. Why do we need to see that anyway? What’s the point?
    Then when I learned about the whole prescription ordeal it just fits together perfectly that they were probably co-dependent addicts together. When you are in a relationship like that you end up doing, and giving up, things you never before imagined you could. So sad.