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Simon Monjack Found Dead

photo of brittany murphy and simon monjack, both now dead

Simon Monjack, widower of the late Brittany Murphy, was found dead in the home he shared with Murphy’s mother last night. Murphy’s mother, Sharon, found Monjack unconscious in the master bedroom late last evening and sources claim that the preliminarily determined cause of death is cardiac arrest — just like Brittany herself.

The LAPD claims that yes, while there were (still) various prescription medications in the home, they are ruling out any suspicious conditions or suicide.

Murphy was found dead in her home on December 20th, 2009 and almost five months to the day later, her husband, Monjack, was found dead apparently by the same cause of death.

I guess it’s not surprising … the dude, even when Brittany was living, seemed high-strung and indulgent (what, with his thirty or forty pounds of excess weight, love of thick Cuban cigars and drink), but it is kind of weird, and of course, sad. Monjack definitely went off the deep end after Murphy’s death and I think that also attributed to these inevitable circumstances, too.

If I were Brittany’s mom, I’d get the fuck out of that house before it claimed me, too. Maybe we’ve got a real, live Amityville Horror house here in the Hollywood Hills, just waiting to claim its next victim. Who the fuck knows. Crazy stuff.

But anyway, whatever these two kids were together was obviously something that transcended life itself. Though many couldn’t (and still don’t) understand the strange appeal that Monjack had to the late Brittany, you only have to look through the photos of the two together to see that Murphy did appear to be deliriously happy.

RIP, Simon; I hope you’re finally at peace with yourself and Brittany, now, too.

[Update: TMZ is exclusively reporting, though law enforcement officials state otherwise, that Monjack may have died from an accidental overdose.]

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    • No they’re not. They’re both decaying corpses buried 6 feet under the fucking ground you fucking dumbass. And while we’re at it, unicorns aren’t real either. Sheesh!!!

      • Fuck you an. Just cause you’re going to hell doesn’t mean the rest of us are. Did you ride here in your douche canoe? Fucking twat.

      • Deny all you want today brave soul, but as you lie dying you will call the name of Jesus.

  • I feel so sorry for her mom. I hope someone is keeping an eye on her, she can’t be doing very well after all this.

  • Sounds like Brittany Murphy’s mother is the Harbinger of Death. I’d be careful inviting this chick to a sleepover at your house anytime soon.

  • Of course TMZ is reporting it could be accidental overdose. They always spew shit like that. TMZ wants everything to be scandalous.

    But anywho, I just wanted to say Brittany looks GORGEOUS in that first/main picture. Wow.

    And it’s so sad that they both died. Yeah, her mom must be overwhelmed now. She should probably find someone to talk to about all of this and move out of that creepy house.

  • Aw so Cute!
    i read the article on yahoo, and i know that i am late but i liked what i read about her.