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Brittany Murphy is Dead

Brittany Murphy

It’s being reported that Brittany Murphy, star of Clueless, 8 Mile, Don’t Say a Word and a bunch of really bad movies, died of cardiac arrest early this morning. Her husband Simon Monjack called 911 around 8 AM and after being rushed to the hospital, she was pronounced dead on arrival. More details should be surfacing soon.

We (the entire world, not just EvilBeet) often joke about the decline of Brittany Murphy’s career, weight, and sanity, but I do find this to be sad news. It was widely rumored that Brittany suffered from drug addiction (people have said everything from cocaine to meth) and the fact that she’s dying of a heart attack at the young age of 32 is another sure sign that she was taking something not right for her. Even though she kind of lost her mind and stopped making good movies, she was Tai in one of the greatest movies ever made, Clueless. For that, I think we all need to take a moment of silence.

UPDATE: Two more things….

From TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ Brittany Murphy’s mom discovered her unconscious in the shower. We’re told when paramedics arrived, they quickly determined Murphy was in full cardiac arrest and immediately administered CPR. They continued CPR in route to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center — several miles away — and Murphy was unresponsive. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Also, a friend just passed along this clip of Brittany performing with the Pussycat Dolls in 2007. I forgot that she had a fantastic singing voice.

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  • Aww, how sweet. We’re gonna spend a moment and be nice and pretend we actually have a heart when we all know that we would have totally trashed her if E.B. had run a current photo of her. Treat ’em like shit until they die and then let’s all mourn for a minute. Okay, her minutes over, now let’s trash the bitch!!!!!


  • Molls you are an insensitive bitch. Poking fun at a dead girl? Wtf is wrong with you? Even Perez Hilton knows better.

    Your ignorance constantly astounds me, and is one of the reasons I don’t visit Evil Beet as often.

  • we often jokes…good grief.

    why don’t you wait for real journalists to report on the cause of death before you comment? i don’t know why i come here. r.i.p. brittany murphy.

      • Ha ha ha ha, this is so not the post to laugh on, but as soon as I read your comment I instantly heard that voice in my head and laughed so hard.

  • She was a really good actress but I never understood her recent decline and her marriage to that weird guy. Poor thing, 32 is way too young to die. I hope the rest of young hollywood takes note and stops doing all those risky things they thing are so cool. It’s not cool to die at 32.

  • Brittany Murphy was a better person than you Molls and she’s deceased. Learn to write and respect people. Especially due to the circumstances. You are NOT funny and A TERRIBLE writer.

    • agreed. not funny and a terrible writer.

      but, you guys! if you WANT unprofessional, rambling, childish writing, and enjoy unproofread posts, then “molls” is your girl, you guys!

      peace to brittany’s family.

    • Well I lament for your personal loss because obviously you knew Mrs Murphy personally as you seem to be an authority on how good a person she was. NOW THAT IS DISRESPECTFUL. How dare you make such a childish comment and slander someones writing. This is a writers blog, people like you will never understand the concept of freedom of expression. You voted bush every time didn’t you? I take it you are blind too considering you missed the line “its not personal, its just gossip”

      Rot in your one dimensional world fool. It doesn’t take a shrink to tell from your own writing that you are jaded and in MY OPINION…pathetic. How dare you? You hyporcritical….You know what? I’m just gonna stop. You disgust me whoever you are. That is all.

      • Are you a class A moron? I stated Brittany was a better person than molls, because I’m pretty fucking sure Brittany Murphy wouldn’t mock a dead person. Now why don’t you pull your idiotic head out of your head, dig a hole and fucking lay in it.

      • Okay now without flailing about like a child, can you seriously, with 100% certainty tell me for a absolutely concrete fact that you knew because of some definitive evidence that Brittany was a better person? Something perhaps that would make you a legitimate authority on her personality?


        Hmm yes silence is what I expected to hear. Ever considered you worship celebrities far too much to see the reality of it all. Put yourself in a celebrities shoes. In your head, not the pair you got stalking them. Now tell me this:

        Would you tell the public to whom you are attempting to captivate in to idolizing you, that you mocked dead people? Not very good PR. You couldn’t possibly be that lacking in substance.

        Since you really don’t know for sure it is just plain ignorance to state that somebody is a better person than the other? And please, if you decide to respond do so with a point.




      • You sure are an idiot. Anyone with RESPECT would never mock the dead. You seriously are a class A moron. I’m not silent, I don’t sit my fat ass in front of my computer all day long like you do waiting for a response just so you can make some sort of witty come back.

  • I just saw this movie called Love and Other Disasters with her in it. She was surprisingly good in it and no one should have to die at 32. Love Clueless! RIP Brittany.

    • It’s widely rumored that Brittany died of a drug overdose. Do you remember when we paid respect to DJ AM here, someone who was clean for a long time and helped other addicts before he relapsed, and probably close to 100 people chimed in that he was a loser and a junkie?

      Nothing I said is not fact. She has been widely mocked for the past several years, and she’s done some great work, most notably Clueless. I feel like I delivered this news in a balanced way. I noted that she’s been the butt of many jokes, but still gave her props. What would you have liked me to say?

      • Just ignore them, Molls. You weren’t mean or disrespectful. People just like being assholes when they don’t have to account for what they say.

      • I agree with Mercy. Don’t listen to those grumpy trolls, Molls. I think you’re hilarious. Keep up the good work!

      • I agree too. You all are acting like this is Brittany’s eulogy. I am pissed off. I seriously can’t believe how weak these people are. What saddens me is that these are the folks that our kids admire and emulate.

      • Molls, I know that you probably weren’t trying to be disrespectful, but the lowlights of ones life should never, ever be put in a death post. Even though you are a gossip writer, that should be put to the side and the sole focus should be put on the highlights of her career and life. The other stuff should be saved for a post at a later date.
        Put the movies that she was in and that she was a singer, and also about her husband and how in love with him she was. Try some quotes that she gave in magazines. This will help you tons in your future writings.

      • Uhuh… so it’s fine to trash someone when they’re alive and have feelings, but it’s not ok to trash them when they’re dead and don’t care what anyone says anymore cos they’re, you know, *dead*. Makes perfect sense… 8-|

      • You should indeed ignore them Molls, it was a perfectly well written and put together article, in no way disrespectful or mean.
        These people just saw an opportunity to criticize someone and they went for it and they’re morons for doing it. People can be real assholes when, like the way Mercy put it, they don’t have to account for what they say. You are a wonderful writer, I’ve read a lot of your articles here and you are very funny and really good at what you do. Trolls will always be trolls, so ignore them.

      • Yes, I did read the article and I think people are seriously overreacting to something that may indeed have been a little cold but in no way disrespectful. So what if in this article about someone who died she speculated about what was the cause? That’s what gossip bloggers do. I, for one, was shocked that Brittany died, she always looked very sweet but didn’t find anything wrong with Molls post whatsoever.

      • maybe if you try looking at what this site wrote about DJ AM and substitute brittany’s name for his in those posts you’d get the slant we’re talking about.

        r-e-s-p-e-c-t is the missing element in your brittany post. losers may trash the deceased, but doing so says more about the trasher than the trashee.

      • How about something nice… She did way more that do lame YouTube videos for a living n write for a gossip blog…how about some credit for her accomplishments and a sad note of sympathy? I don’t care why a person died. Their family is still alive. Show them some respect. Can’t wait to hear the jokes made about u when u croak

      • People are so used to bloggers being biased – tearing someone apart when they are down and then sucking up to their memory when they die – that they have no idea what to think when someone like you reports on something like this from a journalistic point of view.

        You aren’t writing the news here – just reporting it. The fact that your opinion of her isn’t the foremost subject of your post is the MOST respectful you can be as a writer in your position.

        So, to Alamo and Anonymous & Anonymous… dry up. Hateful, drunk blog comments on a Sunday afternoon are MY job – not yors. Besides you suck at it like a $5 truck-stop whore.

      • Molls, keep up the good work. Often, it seems to me that people who bash professional writers are feeling envious, or some other negative feeling, which causes them to lash out at the writer in some form.

        From one professional writer to another, keep up the good work. It’s hard to catch all of the errors, misspellings, etc. You use a lively tone and style, as well as an authentic voice. Your videos have provided me a brief glimpse into your professional persona, and I see how that persona comes forward in your writing.

        I enjoy reading your posts here on EB, as well as Zelda Lily, and of couse, Molls…she wrote. Keep up the entertainingly good work.

      • You’re saying now that she’s done some great work, but may I remind you about what you said about her in this post?

        “It’s being reported that Brittany Murphy, star of Clueless, 8 Mile, Don’t Say a Word and a bunch of really bad movies, died of cardiac arrest early this morning”

        And now you say, “she’s done some great work, most notably Clueless.”

        WOW. There is no way you can try to say that wasn’t messed up. Sorry, but you are a fucking bitch for that one. Maybe you should just think before you go saying shit like that about someone who just died. If you feel that way, keep it to yourself.. no one wants to read your sarcastic little remarks when reporting someone’s death. End of story.

      • I think most people that frequent this site do so for the humor – and we appreciate the way you write and deliver the news in a funny, cynical way. I do however, think that in this case you might’ve been a little harsh, afterall it is an obituary… A little respect for the dead (no matter what their flaws are) is required.

        Keep up the (otherwise) great work!

    • Oh, I just saw that Molls said the same thing. There’s so much rambling in this post that I just kind of skimmed through. Anyway, this is about the first time I’ve agreed with her on anything. Probably the last. Tasteless post.

    • Ah, I just saw that Molls said the same thing. There was so much rambling in this post that I just skimmed through. This is the first time I’ve agreed with her. Probably the last. This post is just ugly.

    • Clueless is one of the best movies ever made?!?!?

      Um… are you aware that this movie was NOT made specifically about YOU?

  • Beet! It’s time to fire Molls. Seriously, you’re making her think she actually has talent and you’re ruining her career chances when she wakes up and realizes she is pitiful on a good day. She needs to work somewhere like McDonalds, where they have photos on all the buttons and you just have to match the photo to the order. You’ll never make the big bucks Beet, until you get a good team behind you.

  • There’s a time and a place for sarcasm and cynicism, this is not it. Death isn’t funny especially when it’s someone so young. Show some HEART.

  • Clearly the young woman had problems. Whether they caused her death, we don’t know.

    Can’t we just say rest in peace and thanks for your work and being part of our collective pop culture experience?

    We all are on a gossip site, and I’m not trying to be better than thou, but for Christsakes, can’t we say a goodbye to someone without bringing up that she was the butt of jokes of late? Especially when by tomorrow, people are going to start detailing all the sordid details of her life?

  • I don’t see what everyone’s getting so upset about. Remembering someone through their work is not tasteless (Heath Ledger) . Perhaps the irreverence you believe you are detecting is just the tone of the chosen work (clueless) flavouring the post.

  • You all make me sick, who cares about death unless they see it on the fucking news. Try it first hand, every fucking day. Try losing your friends left and right around you. Enjoy your starbucks coffees you fags. I love my country but I fucking hate the people in it. get aids and die fuckers. BTW the only reason you give a damn is because she acted? whats wrong with you?


      • Good luck with all that spam you’re going to get after writing your email address in a comment on this site.
        Oh, wait… I mean:

        And Ken, you can’t love the country and hate the people. The people ARE the country. Now, if you want to say you hate *a lot* of the people, that’s okay. That’s the American way.

        But you’re right about the hypocrisy. If Brittany Murphy had been a drug addict by any other name, no one would have cared if her obituary smelled as sweet. How many nameless addicts have OD’d within a 10 mile radius of each of us? How many of us don’t care, and wouldnt’ care even if we had known them, because addicts “get what they deserve?” Fame is a weird bitch that makes allies and enemies of complete strangers.

        Personally, I hope that when I die, people are honest with themselves about me. I’ve had enough fake smiles and small talk to last a lifetime- I wouldn’t want it to last even LONGER. I think there’s something admirable in treating someone in death exactly as you treated them in life.

  • I don’t know what you people are all freaking out about?? She *was* the butt of jokes recently… Her career did spiral downwards and people did wonder why she married that guy. If you come to gossip sites regularly, you’d be well aware of that. So what? It is very tragic that she died so young and I think it obviously raises the question of what she was doing that would’ve induced cardiac arrest at 32.. I don’t think Molls was trying to be disrespectful at all. Unlike a lot of you.

  • One of her best acting performances was in a movie called Dead Girl, rent it if you haven’t seen it. It’s a sad day when anyone that young dies, it removes any chance of redemption and amends. She was a real talent that had much more to offer making her death all that much more senseless. Condolences to family and friends.

  • I was (am) absolutely in love with this girl. Drug problems or not, she seemed like a genuinely sweet girl who wasn’t afraid to make fun of herself. I am heartbroken about this. I love you Brittany!

  • re: the post; what is all the fuss about??it’s like you people that bash on molls shouldn’t even be on a gossip site because apparently every single post is tasteless and offensive. if you want straight up news with zero commentary go read people magazine. the internet is just not for you!

    as for brittany…she was in a lot of really bad movies. really bad movies we all really loved to watched. i always just assumed she’d bounce back one day. but the reality is, that rarely happens. rip Britt. i hope her shady husband doesn’t make out with a bunch of money and interview deals. he is a sketchy motherfucker.

  • Molls,
    As far as Brittany Murphy, you are heartless. Have some respect for the dead.
    And as far as your writing, you have ruined one of my favorite blogs. Where there once was humor, you just have lackluster quips that fall flat and holier than thou remarks. Honestly, I’m not sure HOW you became a writer on this site because you in my opinion are FAR from entertaining.. Don’t bother telling me, I won’t be reading this site any longer.

    • “Have some respect for the dead.”

      Seriously, I really don’t get this. Why do dead people deserve more respect than they did when they were alive?

    • I agree; Molls has to go but I don’t even care anymore because this is my last visit to this site. Beet, you had me for awhile there but the site HAS declined with the increase of Moll’s posts. It was cold, judgemental and preachy, taking as fact that drugs were involved before the autopsy is even finished!

      RESPECT (which this post sadly lacked) is the hallmark of a caring society; that’s why we’re upset about this post, all of you people calling us trolls. When we lose the ability to respect the dead for even a few hours, we have lost a valuable part of our humanity.

      Goodbye Beet.

  • Actually, cardiac arrest just means your heart stopped and couldn’t be restarted. It doesn’t necessarily mean you had a heart attack.

    • Michael Jackson died of a heart attack. Whether this will turn out to be caused by drugs like MJ’s, who knows? It’s possible but it doesn’t make it any less tragic. She also could have had an undiagnosed heart ailment like enlargement of the heart or as some speculated, anorexia. It’s just very sad either way especially in light of the fact that she was found by her own mother.

    • Agreed. We can speculate on what the cause of her death was, but, as of right now, we don’t know for sure. I’m not saying that we should forget someone’s vices just because they die, but I think it’s low to bag on someone so soon after his or her passing. She obviously had a lot of issues but that doesn’t make her death any less tragic. For the record, I loved and will continue to love Brittany Murphy and offer my condolences to those close to her. “Rollin’ with my homies.” : )

    • Agreed. We can speculate on what the cause of her death was, but, as of right now, we don’t know for sure. I’m not saying that we should forget someone’s vices just because they die, but I think it’s low to bag on someone so soon after his or her passing. She obviously had a lot of issues but that doesn’t make her death any less tragic. For the record, I loved and will continue to love Brittany Murphy and offer my condolences to those close to her. “Rollin’ with my homies.” : ) R.I.P. Brittany

  • To all of you who keep bagging Molls… please leave the site. Seriously, get a hobby, go outside and see the daylight, go do something, anything, else. Because being a sanctimonious dick on a blog is not working for you. You rag on celebrities all day, and then act offended when someone does it better.

  • I checked out these comments expecting people to be lamenting the loss of Brittany and instead came upon a Molls-bashing fest. Disappointing.

    I was thinking about Brittany just yesterday as Tai in Clueless. She had a special quality about her–I think it might have been an earnestness and an ability to put herself out there in a vulnerable way. She always played memorable characters: her roles in Clueless, Girl Interrupted, and Riding in Cars with Boys come to mind. I’m sure she was deeply loved by those who knew her, and my condolences go out to her family and friends for their untimely loss.

    Molls, your post was not disrespectful or tasteless. You acknowledged the site had joked about Brittany in the recent past (which is what these sorts of sites do) but that you were saddened by the news. I visit the EvilBeet regularly, not because I’m that into celebrities but because the captions that go with the photos can be hilarious. Molls, you are my favorite contributor to this site; Beet is a close second. You’re doing a great job with your posts, both the variety and the content! I look forward to reading your contributions for as long as you’re happy doing them.

    God bless you, Brittany.

    • We speak out about the quality of Molls’ posts not because we *hate* her, but because we are trying to help. We care. We are tired of cafeteria food being dished at this site; we used to get tasty morsels here but now sometimes we get slop instead depending on who’s in the kitchen that day. It’s disappointing.

      What’s more disappointing is the attitude of the site staff who have dismissed the complaints and constructive criticism, as if quality doesn’t matter, and as if the complaints are baseless. Seems to be a pretty vulnerable position for someone who writes in a glass house and chooses to throw stones at others. Someone writing a few 50-100 word posts per day ought to have the time AND CARE to check one’s work before publishing.

      Anyone with half a head of steam can rant about this or that celebrity, but a pro would strive for accuracy and coherence. When we complain about the errors and incoherence, it isn’t subjective opinion, it’s inarguably and non-negotiably objective reality. Sensitivity, and tone are subjective, whereas composition standards are pretty straightforward (unless you happen to be Sarah Palin, in which case, neither rules nor standards apply because you’re all mavericky. Emphasis on the icky.)

      If it seemed like the site was trying to improve, or maybe went a day or two without any mistakes we wouldn’t complain. Until then, we’ll keep sending our food back to the kitchen or just go somewhere else instead where the service is better.

      To the people who get all twisted up about these matters, please take a break from the caffeine and the high horses. If this is a community, your hostile contributions to it do *not* make it a nicer place to be. If you are not helping, you are part of the problem, so play nice.

      It’s been a rough few months for us readers! Hopefully 2010 will be more fun.

  • wow, u guys r all looking to far into this. who cares what molls said, the fact of the matter is, she died. And alot of us thought she was beautiful, and at one time was a good actress. and of course the worst part is she was only 32. either way, get over yourselfs. RiP Brit

  • RIP Brittany…

    Molls, I love your posts. No matter what you say, haters will hate, so just keep writing and stay strong.

  • While I’m still living, I have some requests I’d like to make:

    1. Treat me with respect and pay for my beers when I’m broke.

    2. Wait til I’m gone to bag on me and talk about what a broke ass drunk I was.

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I loved Brittany sooooo much!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!! I AM SOOOOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this can’t be happening. She was such an amazing person and I loved her. The movie where she plays a little girl’s nanny was one I liked so much. I am so incredibly sad. I hope this had nothing to do with SNL making fun of her last week. Maybe it got to her more than people thought it would.

  • Not Brittany Murphy.
    I keep thinking of Uptown Girls, I don’t know, something about that movie got to me. I don’t know why.

    I do think she deserves a bit more of a description than being the star of a lot of terrible movies, be it true or not. It seems a bit harsh.

  • Hey you know what? You people just take off abusing and cursing each other in the wake of someones personal opinions. It’s a free world after all. Christ!

    “Oh you can’t slam her cause she just died. It’s wrong!”

    Well that’s your fuking opinion! Yes it is tragic. But I’d love to see you wave your moral flag if the autopsy turns out to be drug related. Then your stuck, you self righteous kunts. Why don’t you spend your false sympathy where it would be better consumed. Like up your own asses. Brittany Murphys dead…and the terrible thing is that you people seem offended as if it were your own sister. Anyone else smell a hypocrite? You don’t really care, you just think you do because of a pre-programed notion of moral obligation that forces you to feign sympathize with a celebrity.

    Jesus Christ, people have real problems!

  • Brittany Murphy’s best song is “Faster Pussycat” with Paul Oalenfold. It rule the club in 2005/2006

  • Could you sound more callous and insensitive? If you were attempting to come across as funny you failed yet again, Molls. Every death is a tragedy and should be treated with at least some semblance of respect, not as an excuse to express your disdain for her movies or alleged drug issues. Get off of your cross and perhaps try and find some decency?