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Kate Hudson Made Matthew Bellamy Propose and NOW THEY’RE ENGAGED

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Amazing how things like that sometimes turn out, right? My dad always said some pretty random things like ‘When you’re sick, you don’t feel good,’ and ‘Wet birds don’t fart at night’ (that one I never understood), so I guess, yeah, it would make sense that if Matty proposed to Kate and she said yes, that they’d be engaged.

Kate appeared on The Today Show and confirmed to Matt Lauer that Bellamy had popped the question last week, and Kate happily obliged. The only thing I’m MORE shocked about than the idea that these two are going to get hitched is the fact that Kate kept it to herself and didn’t go sprinting to the media for an ENTIRE SEVEN DAYS.

I don’t know. I just can’t wrap by head around how crazy all of this is. Though they’ve been dating a whole year, it seems like it all went down so fast. I mean, even Delilah would be shaking her head in disbelief.

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  • She was on British telly two weeks ago like: “naaaaaaaaaaah I don’t need to get married, we are FINE as we aaaaaaaaare”. I see!