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Love It or Leave It: Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Bald

photo of jake gyllenhall on new movie buzzed head bald pictures photos

It’s for a movie, though, don’t worry – it’s called End of Watch and he plays a police officer. One with a buzzed head. And while I generally think that Jake Gyllenhaal is one of those dudes that could wear a stop sign as a loin cloth and peacock feathers on his head and STILL be hot, you have to be a certain type to really, really rock the cut-down-to-the-quick ‘do. Vin Diesel? Hot. Would look funny with hair. Howie Mandel? Hot (I KNOW, don’t get me started). DID look funny with hair. Jake Gyllenhaal is hot no matter how you slice it, but the buzzed-down look just isn’t for him.

What do you guys think – and what’s worse, is it nuts that I think Howie Mandel’s kinda bangable?

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  • … he was also bald in Jarhead and quite possibly the hottest in any of his movies (yeah, his accent in Prince of Persia just threw me off).. He could be wearing a football helmet, tutu and cowboy boots and he would still be the hottest damned guy around for miles and miles