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This is What Went Down on Leno Last Night

My favorite part was when Jay asked her ‘If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?’ Lindsay‘s answer? The public’s perception of her. I almost fell off the fucking chair when I heard that. Seriously. This girl’s fucked her life up in such an epic way, made so many ridiculously repetitive mistakes, and the ONE THING she’d change is the way the public views her? Come ON! I think it’s cute and all, the way she’s so desperate for an Oscar, but priorities, man. This girl’s twenty-four. She needs to get her head right before she considers anything else, and by telling us that the public’s perception of her (of all things) is what keeps her up at night, it’s not exactly a sign of a girl who’s maturing into a woman.

I still love you, Linds, but things are just not going very well these days, are they?

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