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Lindsay Lohan vs. Dawn Holland: The 911 Call

TMZ has obtained and released the audio from the 911 phone call Lindsay Lohan made this winter while in rehab at the Betty Ford Center and surprisingly, it’s convinced me that she’s less guilty here than I originally suspected.

When you listen to the audio (click through, it’s not embeddable) you’ll hear that a distraught sounding Lindsay got in touch with the sheriff’s office, and said that there was a woman in her home that was making her uncomfortable. The woman in question, Betty Ford’s Dawn Holland, then takes the phone from Lindsay’s hand and tells the officer on the line that she’d be happy to speak to him if Lindsay would calm down. Then there’s a scuffle, which is supposedly the sound of Lindsay ripping the phone from Dawn’s hand, followed by Dawn telling Lindsay to “pack [her] shit” and that she’s going to sue her. A disgusted Lindsay replies, “You want money?” before Dawn takes over the call again and explains her account of Lindsay and her roommates breaking in and out of the center.

It sounds to me like Lindsay finally met her match, someone who’s just as dramatic and volatile as she is. While Lindsay’s behavior may have been inappropriate, it sounds like Dawn was waiting for an incident like this to go down and couldn’t have been more thrilled that it was finally happening. It’s hard to think of any other reason that she’d be so quick to say she’s going to sue her.

What do you think of this call and who do you think is the real troublemaker here? Feel free to vote in the poll and leave your opinion in the comments.

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  • I’m sorry, while I don’t necessarily agree with Dawn, she was just trying to do her job. Lindsay has gotten by for too long by people kissing her ass, and in truth its about time someone actually spoke up.

  • Actually I found the recording pretty damning. Holland told the dispatcher that Lindsay and her buddies had used a chair to hop the fence, which is contrary to what’s been reported til now – that Lindsay was out on a day pass to get her hair done. So, she didn’t leave with permission, bitch broke out. Lindsay can be heard in the background telling another girl not to go with Holland (“don’t go with her,” ie. don’t go talk to her alone and spill the beans). The other two were breathalyzed and had clearly been drinking. When Lindsay refused and became violent was when the call was made. Lindsay also says there’s a woman in her house and she doesn’t know who she is, which is a blatant lie. Dawn Holland was on BF staff and had worked with Lindsay as a rehab tech. So far, she’s skipped out without permission, come back with two friends who were proven to have been drinking, refused a breathalyzer, and then lied about knowing Dawn Holland to make it seem like she was just some crazy loon who ran up in their house.

    And the part where she goes “what do you want, money?” was in response to Dawn saying she would file charges for assault after the phone was taken from her hands. She then said “you’re gonna get sued.” So…no, I don’t think this makes her look any better. In fact, it makes her look worse.

  • Also, saying, “I’m going to sue you!” to a celebrity is probably an attempt to scare Lindsay. I’m pretty sure it’s used a lot to simply get crazy celebrities to stop doing what they’re doing in that moment.

    Fuck, why do I actually READ this site? You need at least one writer who is smart, but smart people don’t blog celebrity gossip. “Why do smart people read it?”, I ask myself, disappointed.

    Now I have to go watch a Goddard film or something to cleanse myself. But after that, I’ll want something cheap, to come down off the high-browness…so I’ll come crawling back.

    • Godard.

      But that’s nice! Have fun at the turtleneck cinema! Just remember to wait until after the cotillion to crack open your Baudelaire!

      We’ll all wait right here, streaming episodes of Community and Cops until you get back.

  • scout, that comment left me with a bad taste in my mouth. until i read “high-browness” as “high-brownies” and everything was delicious again.

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