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Secondhand Quotables: Lindsay’s Alleged Rehab Attacker-Victim, Dawn Holland, Releases Statement

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“It is important to note that it was Ms. Lohan, and not Ms. Holland who called 911 on December 12th. Had Ms. Lohan not called 911 – this incident never would’ve been public knowledge, let alone criminally investigated. Ms. Holland has long held that recovery is not always a pretty process and the workings of a recovery center have never been for the faint of heart. As a recovering addict herself, Ms. Holland is proud of Lindsay for making the always difficult voyage toward recovery. Had the interaction between these two ladies occurred in front of a police officer anywhere in this Country, no probation would’ve been violated, no arrests would’ve been made and certainly no criminal charges would have been filed. The recent reports of criminality and probation violations are much adieu about nothing.”

So what’s being said here is that this dumb ass woman (who humbly outed herself as a recovering addict) lost her job over something that was completely blown out of proportion (uh, read: fabricated) and now she’s backtracking in order to either avoid jail time or get a big payoff. And now, miraculously, Lindsay is no longer considering suing Holland. I totally get it now. That’s all you had to say, you know.

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  • Uhh.. yeah… remember the Shakespeare comment in the Sno-book-i article? Might wanna revisit that.

    It’s not “much adieu about nothing”. It’s “much ado about nothing”. But you already knew that? Doh!

    • Mm, I merely copied and pasted Holland’s ‘official’ statement. I, fortunately, know the difference between ‘ado’ and ‘adieu,’ which is saying more than what Holland’s rep can. ;)