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Matthew Bellamy Confirms Your Worst Fears

photo of new couple matthew bellamy of muse, and actress kate hudson

Yes, friends, he’s publicly acknowledged the fact that he is dating America’s very own Kate Hudson.

[Watches Muse fans die a thousand deaths.]

Bellamy speaks to Britain’s The Sun (which is a real, live newspaper, as pointed out by one of our readers) and claims that he’s not only seeing the serial dater, but it’s getting serious, too. He’s set up to meet the actress’s legendary mother, Goldie Hawn, sometime this week:

“I’m meeting her (Hawn) next week… I’m already nervous. I don’t want to make the whole experience even more embarrassing.”

Embarrassing. Right. You don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of Goldie-fucking-Hawn, Matty. She’s one step away from entering that senior citizen phase of dancing naked on tables wearing poorly pasted tittie tassels. … Oh, your mom didn’t go through that phase? Must be an American thing, I guess.

Bellamy also moons over Kate, which she’s probably loving. She hasn’t has this much romantic press since, uh, ever:

“She’s (Hudson) great. Everything is going very well. We are really happy and enjoying spending time with each other. She had a great time at Glastonbury.”

He also is obviously way more clingy and desperate than we pegged him to be completely smitten with the blonde actress, because he’s talking about marriage already:

“Ask me again about marriage in a couple of months.”

Oh, man.

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  • hahahahaha! i met him a few years ago, short and pimply. he said hi to me and I was like, hi… and my friend was like, don't you know who that is? And i'm like, I'm supposed to know who that twerp is? hahahahahahaha! you go, kate. you go honey. everybody has to date down every once in a while.


  • Any respect I had for Muse went right out the window. First, a track on the “Twilight” soundtrack (way to cave to a million tweens, dude), and now this? Kate Hudson is a joke; we know that any guy seen with her has his balls in a vice, so he should just turn in his man card at the Playboy Mansion, so some other deserving male can get his balls back. JFC, don't guys know that she's a clingy, insecure mess that is just BEGGING to be knocked up again? AND KATE: YOU'RE NOT HOT. YOU'RE PLAIN AND ANNOYING. The only reason anyone tolerates you is because -some- people can stomach your moron mother..

    This guy is either a moron, desperate, or gay. I can't figure out the exact combination, but let's just say I won't be buying any Muse tracks anytime soon.

    I wish KH's father had pulled out when baning Goldie Hawn… didn't he realize what kind of idiot that ditz would give birth to?

  • I'm touched! First Sasha paraphrases me in a post, and now my silly The Sun rant gets referenced! I am on FIRE!!! In my defense, it is BY FAR the most entertaining of the UK daily newspapers. Not especially reliable, but pretty funny. Hudson is a walking std. for real, there should be a clinic where men can get themselves scraped off after being in the same room as her.

  • She's not dating down, he is. Kate is really plain and annoying. I don't know what anyone sees in her… she's a mediocre actress at best, and has only been accepted because her mother was the original, though less-slutty version of Kate.

    Man, I would be embarassed to have a daughter like Kate, but I'm sure Goldie is just glad someone will take care of her.

  • neither one of them are a prize pig–he's a spotty midget and she's the village bicycle. since she got divorced she's been screwing everything that's not tied down (and i am sure, some things that are). i think she got married too young and now she's doing all the stuff she thought she was missing out on. classic case.

  • I met Matt a few years ago too.
    Except I've been a huge fan of his music since 1999 and I respect him beyond words.
    He is a simple guy, quite funny and very smart. A bit shy too, which is part of his charm I suppose.
    I try to avoid knowing what's going on in his private life (especially right now) so not to mix those two very different aspects of his life, but.. KATE HUDSON ?! Eeeeeeeew!

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  • Kate. STOP HOOKING UP WITH ROCKER. Robinson, Yorke, and now Matthew Bellamy? Matt deserves bettter! and unfortuantely, yes, thousands of Muse fans just died when they saw this, me included.

  • I don’t understand. I really don’t! I wonder why people were so frightened about the suine flew, when they should be worried about Kate Hudson. OMG! She is like the Medusa, but she turns men and lesbians into fools not rock. I’d rather be a rock… *shiver*. Anyway, it’s he’s life that’s being screwed, because he wants to. Poor guy. I really like him, I do. Kate NEEDS to get castrated.

  • Kate Hudson??? Really Matt? Are you sure? You should really take a good look at her? There is nothing there. I had lots of respect for you. You’re still crazy genius but I don’t know if I can go see your show in October. Pleeeeeease let this just be a summer fling..

  • I have no clue who Kate Hudson is, having never actually read gossip magazines. I can’t believe Muse are now tabloid material eww. I liked it when people didn’t recognise their faces so they could feel free to be in public, it’s easier to meet them :(.

    I’ve met Matt twice and he is lovely, polite and has an impish charm about him. He gives you his full attention when he talks to (like your the only one in te room *sigh*). He’s so down to earth! We had a nice intelligent conversation and I made him laugh! His laugh is so endearingly weird and cute:) .

    Anyways I think its nice he’s found someone after his hard breakup with his italian fiance. But it’s weird that its getting serious as he’d been with his ex-fiance for aages. Anyways don’t judge people on what you read in tabloids. This Kate lass may be nice for all you know.

    I just hope that she does’t affect muse’s music negatively i.e pleeease no more cheesy disney soft poppy drivel! Bring back the hard alternative rock with the heavy yet beautifully melodic riffs and thought provoking lyrics and mind blowing piano solos and guitar solos.

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  • Why Matt why? I love ur guts, but why this chick! Ur a sexy fellow, u can do sooo much better!! Millions of real muse fan girls love u, but why pick this stupid no-hope actor? By the way, how much did she pay u to go out with her? ITS NOT WORTH THE MONEY!