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Bump Watch: Kate Hudson Looks Pretty Good

picture of kate hudson pregnant in mexico photos

You know, I know we give Kate Hudson a lot of flak here about being an overgrown, attention-seeking, serial-dating drama queen that’s stuck at the perpetual age of thirteen, but guys? She’s looking pretty good in her most recent pregnancy photos.

Hudson was caught vacationing with her latest victim, Matthew Bellamy of Muse, and her son (who is by another rock musician, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes) in the Caribbean this past weekend, soaking up the sun’s rays and as much attention from both men as she could get.

Lookin’ alright, Kate!

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  • Yeaaaaah. But remember how Kate BLEW UP when she had her last kid? I mean, it was rough on her eensy weensy frame (not to mention her face – you could’ve easily mistaken her for Goldie). I have nothing against her and she seems like a nice girl and she can bone all the rock stars she wants, but I’m perversely looking forward to bloated Kate again, the way one looks forward to the “Stars W/O Makeup” edition of US Magazine.