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Independent Spirit Awards 2013 Fashion Post

The Film Independent Spirit  Awards basically celebrates all of the films that typically don’t get recognized at the Oscars and the whole thing is way more chill and it airs on IFC. This year the host is Andy Samberg. Because the whole thing is so much less stuffy than the Oscars, celebs are a little more willing to take fashion risks. So let’s check out the outfits!

jennifer lawrence fisaJennifer Lawrence is daring us not to stare at that very thin strap that is keeping the top of her dress tied to her body. Love it! Love this weird thing! Don’t think I love the hair. Actually, this outfit is confusing, each time I look at it I think I like it and then I don’t and then I do again. You guys, fashion is so hard.

And here we have Paul Rudd doing his best Mr. Holland’s Opus.

paul rudd film independent spirit awards

Zoe Saldana is keeping it basic and super matchy. Even her nails are painted white!

zoe saldana spirit awards

DanRad is here. I’d do him.

daniel radcliffe spirit awards

This is Kira Miro, a Spanish actress. Her body is bangin.

Host Andy Samberg with musician Joanna Newsom. See what I meant about the fashion risks?

andy samberg Joanna Newsom

Jon Waters, being 10 times more awesome than any of us.

jon waters spirit awards

Jason Schwartzman, being “funny.”

jason schwartzman spirit awards

Bradley Cooper and Bryan Cranston, moments away from making out. I’m really liking the grey suits.

bradley cooper bryan cranston

Amy Poehler. No. No I don’t like any of this. The dress would be okay if it stopped right above your knees. The red accessories (orange? What are colors?) are off. I don’t know guys.

amy poehler

Amy, never mind, this is way worse. Marcia Gay Harden what are you doing? Why are your shorts talking to me? Why is your shirt see-through? Why did you steal Backstreet Boys‘ A.J. McLean’s jacket? What is this?

marcia gay harden

Kyle Macla Machlchan Machlach Mc Agent Dale Cooper/The Captain!

kyle MacLachlan

Michelle Obama‘s nemesis, Kerry Washington. The girl is just batshit crazy for flowers.

kerry washington spirit

Laura Dern, your character is so well dressed on your show Enlightened. Why did you do this to yourself?

laura dern spirit

Jack Black, whoa! I forgot he existed! He’s looking very Orson Welles. And he’s with musician Tanya Haden who is wearing a dress printed with eagles and deer in front of a full moon. ~~omg so quirky!!1

jack black spirit awards

Salma is a lovely lady pirate.

salma hayek spirit awards

Ellen Page! She’s so tiny! She’s not going to conform and wear a dress! She’s breezy!

ellen page spirit awards

Aubrey Plaza is dressed as a 6 year old. Or like a low rent Katy Perry.

aubrey plaza spirit awards

I don’t hate what Sofia Coppola is wearing.

sofia coppola

Finally, Rashida Jones, I think this is terrible.

rashida jones spirit awards

You can see even more looks here. What do you guys think of these outfits?

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