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Bradley Cooper Seems To Be Dating Irina Shayk

bradley cooper irina shayk

Bradley Cooper only called it quits with Suki Waterhouse a couple of months ago, and considering that their relationship actually lasted two years, you’d assume it might take him some time to process before he’s ready to move on. That’s not actually the case, however, as Bradley and model Irina Shayk have started “dating”, or whatever it is people in Hollywood actually do when they decide to get together.

They were hanging out in London most recently, going out to eat at Novikov before catching a cab. I doubt this is anything very serious, but good for BCoop for scooping himself a supermodel. As for Irina, I suppose Bradley’s an upgrade from Cristiano Ronaldo, so this could be good, even if it’s just rebound for them both.

Irina is pretty gorgeous, you must admit! Coop doesn’t do anything for me, but he seems like an alright guy, so let’s see how long this one lasts.

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Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse have actually called it quits

bradley cooper suki waterhouse

Welp, it seems that those dreams of a glamourous wedding have gone right out the window for Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse, as the pair have apparently ended their two year relationship. Why? Who can guess? But you can all unclench your fists and stop shouting at the sky, because BCoop is apparently back on the market.

Here’s what little we know (from E! Online):

It’s over between Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse.

I can exclusively reveal that the couple of about two years have called it quits.

Whether or not it’s permanent is anyone’s guess right now, but Waterhouse, 23, did attend the Oscars just last month with Cooper, 40, who was nominated for his work in American Sniper. (His mom was also with them.)

I mean, I’m not at all surprised, and frankly it was never going to work out with them long term, but homegirl seemed super into the idea of getting him to settle down. Clearly she doesn’t realize that his mom is the only woman Bradley truly has room for in his life.

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Bradley Cooper is doing the whole “mime chic” thing

bradley cooper

I realize that “mime chic” is not an actual thing, but if it was, Bradley Cooper would be the master after his new W Magazine shoot. I’m not sure who came up with this bullshit, but I’m slightly terrified.

Here’s how W describes their inspiration:

The photographer Tim Walker was influenced by the colorful, sun-drenched Los Angeles paintings and photographs of David Hockney, as well as the ’70s free-love aesthetic that informs the artist’s work. From there, the photographic scenarios took cues from Federico Fellini and, naturally, Walker’s own unique perspective. Remarkably, all the actors and actresses were excited to play, to be transformed, to embrace personae that were extreme, odd, and truly fascinating. Perhaps therein lies a message for Hollywood: History is safe, but surprise is thrilling. In 2015, please give these actors new worlds to conquer.

Well, that’s special. I mean, look at this!

bradley cooper

Lucky for us, Bradley wasn’t the only mime in the mag. Here are all the other covers below, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone and more. And yes, they’re all similarly horrifying. Enjoy!

The best part of this whole thing is that while we don’t have Meryl Streep‘s picture, apparently this is her blurb:

“The movie that makes me cry is Anchorman. I have the biggest crush on Will Ferrell. I love him in every film he does. I mean, Ryan Gosling could be my child. I’m not going to have a crush on a child. Will Ferrell is a man.”


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Bradley Cooper, Clean-Shaven: Hell Yes or God No?


Bradley Cooper, master manipulator, shaved his beard, and the world took notice. Specifically E!, who posted the above photo, wondering who that man was (“Bradley Cooper, Is That You?” they asked. “Actor Nearly Unrecognizable Without His Beard.”) I don’t think it’s quite that extreme, E!. You can still tell it’s Bradley Cooper, although it is quite a change. He ALMOST looks like Ryan Gosling.

So because he took such a leap, it’s time to ask you guys: is this new look a “hell, yes”, or a “God, no”? As far as male facial looks go, it’s world’s better than James Franco’s shaved head, which is terrifying on so many levels.

But I’m gonna vote “hell yes” on this one. You guys?

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Bradley Cooper is a “master manipulator”, apparently

jennifer esposito bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper was married to Blue Bloods actress Jennifer Esposito for a single year – 2005 to 2006 – but apparently things didn’t end very well there. While she didn’t name names, she discussed her marriage with the man believed to be Cooper in her new book, Jennifer’s Way: My Journey with Celiac Disease – What Doctors Don’t Tell You and How You Can Learn to Live Again (WHY IS THAT TITLE SO LONG?), calling it “an entire marching band of red flags”. Ouch.

“He was funny, smart, cocky, arrogant, and a master manipulator. I didn’t necessarily find him that attractive, but I figured that I could enjoy his sense of humor and nonsense for a while,” the actress writes of an ex in her new book. “We had fun, but he also had a mean, cold side. His personality could flip on a dime.”

Damn, that’s cold. However, Esposito doesn’t appreciate us jumping to conclusions and wants you to pay attention to the matter at hand: celiac disease, apparently. Here’s her statement:

“This book is about my journey with celiac disease and only that,” Esposito says in a statement. “To refer to anything other than the subject at hand or to make this book about anything else is an insult to me and this disease that plagues so many.”

I love that she wrote a whole book about going gluten-free. I mean, I know celiac disease can be really difficult until you get a diagnosis and all that, but really? Also, if your relationships weren’t pertinent to your gluten intolerance, why the hell did you write about them?

In any case, I don’t know much about Bradley Cooper, so maybe he is a total asshole. Who can say? Anyone heard any stories about him either way?

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Can You Recognize Bradley Cooper After His Weight Gain?


Bradley Cooper gained weight and grew a beard for a film role (or so he says, mwuaha). But no, according to EntertainmentWise, it’s for Clint Eastwood‘s American Sniper film.

Mr. Cooper now kind of resembles…I’m not sure. Will Ferrell? Billy Mays? Or maybe just a dad. I think that’s it. He looks like a dad now.

Do you think it’s a more drastic change than Jake Gyllenhaal‘s weight loss for his film role?


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Is Bradley Cooper our new Indiana Jones?

bradley cooper indiana jones

It’s a sad state of affairs in Hollywood that the only movies seemingly being made lately are either book adaptations or remakes of classics that really should just be left alone.

The latest franchise apparently getting a reboot – or at the very least, another film – is Indiana Jones. While the producers would love to get Harrison Ford back one last time before he’s too damn old to take on the part, timing is a problem since they don’t yet have a story and Harrison is working on other films.

The answer is, apparently, to bring Bradley Cooper in to play a younger version of the character and breathe fresh life into the Indiana Jones storyline. Nothing has been confirmed, of course, but what do you think? Could he pull it off? Is it even worth it or should they just leave it alone?

Disney owns the brand and Frank Darabont has apparently pitched a story, but who knows if this one will ever come to light.

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