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Bradley Cooper Seems To Be Dating Irina Shayk

bradley cooper irina shayk

Bradley Cooper only called it quits with Suki Waterhouse a couple of months ago, and considering that their relationship actually lasted two years, you’d assume it might take him some time to process before he’s ready to move on. That’s not actually the case, however, as Bradley and model Irina Shayk have started “dating”, or whatever it is people in Hollywood actually do when they decide to get together.

They were hanging out in London most recently, going out to eat at Novikov before catching a cab. I doubt this is anything very serious, but good for BCoop for scooping himself a supermodel. As for Irina, I suppose Bradley’s an upgrade from Cristiano Ronaldo, so this could be good, even if it’s just rebound for them both.

Irina is pretty gorgeous, you must admit! Coop doesn’t do anything for me, but he seems like an alright guy, so let’s see how long this one lasts.

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  • I know his mom is happy.. she is the one who dates his paid female pick-ups.. Strange family.