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Blind Item: Which Celebrity’s Mom Brags About Her Daughter’s Sex Life?

From Blind Gossip:

She’s not a regular Mom. She’s a cool Mom! When her daughter has a gig, she doesn’t just show up and clap. She parties hard with her daughter’s friends until the wee hours of the morning. And when Mom’s partying, she and her mouth get totally out of control.

On a bender last week – and while her daughter was on the other side of the room – she regaled a large group of people with the most intimate and disgusting details ofher daughter’s sexual conquests. She told stories about a famous singer who thought her daughter was beautiful (“He likes to take the virginity of his groupies!”), an heir to a family fortune (“Good thing he has a handsome face, because his penis is really small!), and a slimy actor (“He likes the back door, and he said that [my daughter] was the best sex he’s ever had… and he’s had everybody!”). It’s nice to see a Mom so proud of her her little princess.

Oh hey, Dina Lohan! It’s nice to hear that you’re as horrible as everyone always thought!

Really though, I don’t think there’s any way this blind item could be about anyone other than Dina. The multiple references to a princess (the last line, obviously, and also the title of the item is “Cool Mom Is Proud of Her Princess,” and the photo attached is of Sleeping Beauty) represent Lindsay‘s most popular skit during her time on Saturday Night Live, the Real Housewives of Disney. The line “she’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom” is a line straight from Mean Girls. Do I have to go on? I will anyway.

For the men mentioned, I’m not too sure about the singer. Several people are guessing John Mayer or Jared Leto though. The heir to a family fortune could be a number of people really: remember when she was with that Greek shipping heir, Stavros? That’s probably that one. As for the slimy actor who’s hooked up with everybody, that’s Wilmer Valderrama. That’s also so gross.

This whole thing is so gross though. It’s not hard at all to see Dina talking about her daughter like this, or to imagine Lindsay telling her mother these things in the first place. They just have a weird, creepy, weird relationship, and apparently that translates to Dina bragging about Lindsay’s anal sex skills.

Any other guesses though?

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