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Dina Lohan Opens Up About Her Daughter’s Nudey Pics

A photo of Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan

If you’ll remember, last week Dina Lohan reported that Lindsay‘s Playboy shoot “went well.” That was nice to hear, it was encouraging and all, but you’d think that a good mom would be a little more descriptive about how her daughter’s first big foray into pornography is going. And friends, we all know that Dina Lohan does not disappoint in the “good mother” category, and so, without further adieu, here’s Dina’s Playboy update:

“It was an opportunity for her and she’s done thousands and thousands of covers, so this was just something…she’s 25 now. It was just something that was her decision…we have a contractual say in how far it goes and her and Mr. Hefner will decide … She’ll pick five covers, he’ll pick the one, but she has a say. I don’t want to get into the contract, but it will be tastefully done.”

Oh, for sure. It will be totally tasteful. No doubt. Those pictures of Lindsay looking so sultry with that come-hither stare that she does so well will be closer to art than pornography. And society will gaze at the photos for years to come and weep at the artistry, yes, but moreso at the unbelievably beautiful model that they see before them.

Can’t wait, girl!

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