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photo of lindsay lohan rotting teeth pictures photos pics decay

I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually been more grossed out while scoping out the inside of a celebrity’s mouth. I mean, seriously. This bitch can drop $1200 on a Balenciaga bag and buy herself luxury vehicles, but she can’t afford the $103 for a damn dental cleaning? It’s official: Lindsay Lohan will never – never – be as hot as she once was. Even if she allows her lips to deflate, grows out that heinous blonde, stops dressing like a skank, and joins a convent, those teeth are there to stay. No amount of hot, gratuitous cleavage will fix this. And even if she gets those chompers repaired, these photos will be forever burned into the intricate layers of my psyche, a psyche that that formerly revolved around the beautiful and charming Lindsay Lohan and her antics. I’m done, guys. This is one troll that’s out of control.

Check out the gallery for even nastier photos.

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