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Lindsay’s Doing Playboy!

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Because who wouldn’t love to see this busted bitch do a nudey mag?!

In a tragic but pretty much inevitable step in the sad saga of Lindsay Lohan, the fallen star has agreed to do a photo shoot for Playboy magazine. She won’t be wearing clothes, and she’ll likely get the cover. At this point, Lindsay’s rep is giving the whole “I can neither confirm or deny at this time” routine. That’s basically all we know at this point. Oh, and she’ll be getting paid close to a million dollars for the job.

I really don’t get it. I mean, I know that Lindsay can be pretty fierce with the modelling, but … meth mouth. Could dudes really get it up for that? Can we have a serious discussion about this matter?

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  • Check out the court hearing again. She stated she took a day off from counseling for emergency dental work on the 14th. Her teeth look 10x better since then, so my guess is that it was cosmetic and not so much an emergency.

  • What does she have to show that we haven’t seen already? With all the nip slips and crotch shots she’s had over the years….

  • She must need money bad…you know you’re pretty much over in Hollywood when that old vullture (Hefner) starts circling your dying body!

  • When’s the last time guys got it up for Playboy at all? It’s so boring. But yeah, people will buy it, look, and forget like every other has-been who has resorted to a Playboy spread with hopes of reigniting their career.