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Unlikely Best Friends Pairing: Courtney Love And Gwyneth Paltrow

courtney love gwyneth paltrow best friends

Courtney Love and Gwyneth Paltrow are BFFs. From what Ms. Love describes, they’re very close. What the f-ck do they talk about? I want to know! I want to be there. I just want to sit there and hear everything and dart my eyes side to side like I’m watching a tennis match. She gave us a wonderful glimpse of what that would be like when she spoke to New York Magazine.

NYM: Did you hear about the Gwyneth Paltrow versus Vanity Fair feud?
CL: No, what is it?

She sent an e-mail to friends saying Vanity Fair was “threatening” to put her on their cover, and asked them not to give quotes.
Gwyneth is one of my best friends. If Gwyneth says don’t do it, then fuck you, Vanity Fair! I’m going to stick up for her and be very articulate and you’re going to publish every word I say!

If she had something she wanted to sell, or a movie or something like that, then she’d go to her publicist and say, “Let’s do Vanity Fair.” For Vanity Fair to do a write-around about Gwyneth is uncool and déclassé and boring and terrible of them. And it just shows you where Vanity Fair has fallen. They have Taylor fucking Swift on the cover getting a puppy.

HA! Does Lady Love know that Gwyneth had Taylor over for lunch or dinner or some shit at her place in London?

Love went on to describe her feelings on other people.

Katy Perry: “I’m not trying to be a bitch — she’s a nice girl. But she just bores me.”

Lady Gaga: “She’s cool […] I really like the natural thing [she’s doing lately] — I mean, I’m sure she’ll go back to Gothic stuff. But she heard that I was going to leave [a party for V magazine] so she came to find me. It was cool — like the popular girl came to tell me not to leave lunch hour.”

Miley Cyrus: “A hillbilly.”

And one more thing about ~~Gwyneth~~:

So you guys really are pals, huh?
She’s a great mentor. Gwyneth has never, ever given up on me — even when I was on Adderall and stuff, and I love her for that.

Well, here’s the obvious question: if they’re such BFF, why did Courtney know about the Vanity Fair email?

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  • I love Courtney… her craziness and all. She knows everything about everything, that woman! There was one story about how someone mysteriously emailed a copy of Eminem’s contract years ago when he was just starting out. Apparently, he would’ve been taken for all he was potentially worth so she contacted him and made him negotiate a better deal. Now, whether this is true or not, who the hell knows. And as far as the Vanity Fair thing… well, remember, Vanity Fair was the magazine that published that she was shooting up drugs while pregnant. Then Kurt would leave threatening messages for the writer of the magazine. Vanity Fair then apologized and put her on the cover a few years later as an angel. In the words of Kurt Loder, “Love her or hate her, but you cannot ignore her.”