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Lady Gaga’s Applause Is Flopping

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Lady Gaga‘s newest single, “Applause” is being met with silence. “Put your hands up, make ’em touch,” Gaga talk-sings on the track, but her pleas for applause are being ignored. As of the moment I’m writing this, Lady Gaga’s “Applause” has dropped to #4 on iTunes. In #1 is Katy Perry with “Roar.” For about 3 days Gaga was in a distant second place, with Perry outselling Gaga 2:1, but then Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” sauntered in (now #2), and then Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind Of Night” stepped right behind (#3) leaving Gaga at #4, which is pretty disastrous for her. Aside from checking iTunes, you can keep up with the charts and get more details on

Gaga is urging fans to buy multiple copies of her single, offering prizes for those who buy the most, which is yeah, kind of pathetic. To get an idea of how dismal her stats are, “Born This Way” (the single) was, “the fastest-selling single in the history of the iTunes” ( and got 448,000 sales after only 3 days (Billboard). “Applause” may clear only 200,000 — 225,000 after a whole week. Roar is estimated to hit 450,000 (Billboard).

So what the hell happened? After she had to cancel her tour was Gaga gone too long? Now that she’s back is she more overexposed than ever? Are people annoyed with her latest campaigns and publicity attempts? Do they simply prefer Katy Perry?

Tell us what you think. I’ve got my own theories and I’m curious to hear yours.

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  • Yeah, I think a lot of people are over her, I have her first album and I really like it and still listen to it, but I have really grown to dislike her. She is just so arrogant and obnoxious. Everything she says and does is just eye-roll inducing.

      • Katy Perry is about to be over. Prism flopped with only selling 287k it’s first week. The other singles are don’t doing that well. Good, she has no real talent.

      • Don’t you find Adele boring and stale? I think she has had the most overhyped album in the last 25 years.

  • Applause sounds a little dated, tbh. :S I suppose it is because it sounds so much like girl gone wild and I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve heard the chorus a million times before.

  • Why is this supposed to be about a competition between 2 females, like a couple of WW wrestlers or strip bar competitors? This is SO wrong!!!

    They are both so strong in their own right. Let’s support them both.

  • I think we all need to be aware that the Perez Hilton endeavor to destroy Lady Gaga may be affecting our objective awareness of her.

    I don’t like her that much but I also advocate fair treatment of her.

  • “Flopping” is such a relative term, isn’t it? Really, I don’t know how long she expected to tell the public that her upcoming album would alter the course of national history or show up to awards ceremonies in an egg and still be able to produce new material. There’s only so many times you can be weird and provocative and still surprise people into noticing you, especially now that she’s got an overwhelming public image of being druggy and arrogant. I think that’s the bulk of her trouble.

    The second factor here is that the song isn’t anything special.

    also @nicole peach, RIGHT ON about making it a competition between two females. I hate to see popular artists being reduced to gender roles like this (although I don’t know why what Perez Hilton thinks should matter- i couldn’t care less about him)

  • 1. 200.000 sold copies and #4 in some charts is a “flop” most bands would be glad to have.
    2. It’s kinda sad that success is measured in the amount of stupid fans an artist has that buy multiple copies of a digital song…and it looks like katycats are more stupid than Gagas monsters.

  • I am not surprised at all. I think it has little to do with gaga or the single itself. I believe this was bound to happen because of her fans and the fact that everything she does is overhyped. Born this way sales were inflated due to the $0.99 sale which prompted her bullying little group of monsters to buy multiple copies (much like she is expecting them to do again). For some reason before anything she does comes out the buzz they try to create about how wonderful and artistic is too much. It just sets her up for failure. finally, the bullying monsters – it is hard to be a fan of hers if you already like any other artist because her fan base has spent 5 years twitter bullying, bashing, asking people to commit suicide etc. I was shocked when I first saw pics of her standing on a balcony watching her fans burning Madonna pictures and disappointed that she did not address her fan base when they were telling Kelly Osborne to kill herself. The monsters have attacked everyone from beyonce to Rihanna to Taylor swift, bieber, ….. The list just goes on and on and on. Maybe she needs to take a few years off, let her fanebase grow up, allow people to forget all of the negativity and she can spend her time coming up with something that does not seem like a copy of anything Madonna, grace jones, bowie or bjork have already done,

  • Flopga is very boring. People don’t like her. All she does is to copy real artists such as Madonna and Britney Spears.

  • People are just starting to realize they’re being fed shit when there’s plenty of gourmet to listen to.

  • The song is alright, but it’s no Poker Face or Bad Romance. It’ll be a success because she is too big to flop (meaning her label will do anything to have her reach Fame Monster-like sales), but it’s not her best work.

  • I just think he song is borning. Here first cd and the mini cd where Great. I Still play them . I did not like he last cd.I don’t like what i am hearing now. Maybe the next single be better

  • I just think the song is borning. Here first cd and the mini cd where Great. I Still play them . I did not like he last cd.I don’t like what i am hearing now. Maybe the next single be better