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Lady GaGa Rushes ‘Applause’ Release; I’m Not Clapping

lady gaga applause

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m just so exhausted by Lady GaGa. She makes me feel 100 years old, that’s how tired I am of her, her “artistic vision” (read: gimmicks), her shitty attempt at avant garde pop, her annoying Twitter rants, everything. I just want it to stop, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to get that chance anytime soon.

You’ll remember that 12 seconds of her shit new single ‘Applause’ “leaked” the other day (I’d hardly call that a leak) and she got all up in arms about it before lashing out at “bloggers” who panned the track. Well, now she’s been forced to release it in full a bit early after declaring a “pop music emergency”. I’m rolling my eyes, too.

So, here’s ‘Applause’ in all its non-glory. I hate the sing-talking, I hate the lyrics, I hate how up her own ass she is, I hate everything about it. Of course it’ll get massive and because it’s hers and because it’s the first thing she’s released in a couple of years, people will eat this shit up and it’ll do really well. I just would have expected her to come up with something a bit more clever during her time off than a song about how great she is and how she lives for people to worship her. No thanks.

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