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Lady GaGa Warns You Not to Listen To People Who Think Her Music Is Shit

lady gaga

Lady GaGa is so obnoxious that she makes me want to pull my hair out strand by strand. I’m not sure what that would accomplish, but that’s how she makes me feel. After going on a completely melodramatic rant when a paltry 12 seconds of her shit single, ‘Applause’, was leaked online, she then went on the offensive and responded to people who said it was totally shit by claiming that bloggers aren’t critics and the only people worth listening to are “music scholars” (…) and fans (uh…).

Newsflash to Stefani: everyone’s a critic. Ever heard that saying? Music criticism – just like film criticism or book reviews or anything else – is subjective. No one person’s opinion is necessarily more valid than anyone else’s, and going to a pretentious dickwad of a liberal arts college where you make up your own major before getting an internship to fetch coffee at Pitchfork doesn’t make your “criticism” any more valid. Shut up.

There’s apparently also some drama between some of GaGa’s Little Monsters and Katy Perry‘s KatyCats. I’m not sure who started it since both fanbases are pretty horrendous, but I’m willing to put a few extra bucks on the Monsters, who would blindly follow their leader right off the edge of a cliff without asking questions. Also, newsflash: ‘Roar’ is AMAZING and ‘Applause’ – the 12 seconds we’ve heard of it, anyway – sounds like some shit you know you uploaded to your MySpace music page when you first got GarageBand back in ’03. In other words: nope!

I do agree that there’s room for more than one pop artist to do their thing, and Katy and GaGa are so different that it’s not even worth putting them in the same bracket. I just happen to think (rightly so) that GaGa had 2 great releases (The Fame and Fame Monster EP) and then her head went so far up her own ass that all she’s capable of now is shit. The end.

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