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Lady GaGa Is a Shell of Her Former Self

lady gaga

Lady GaGa is about 25 shades of crazy and now that she’s about to release a new album, she’s spewing it all over the place in various “candid” interviews in which she tells all about her pain and struggles in life. Basically, it’s hard to be a rich white girl who loves drugs and will never be skinny enough :( Her latest interview, with V Magazine, sees Stefani talk about all the “pain” she’s been through to get to where she is and how she has a high threshold for putting herself through bullshit. In other words, she’s a masochist because she thinks it’ll make her more worthy of art, blah blah zzzzzzzzz.

“I think it’s because of my discipline as a child. I studied piano and theatre and then dance, so I have this ability to endure long periods of pain.

“But as a result, when I became an adult at 18, I allowed myself to stay in bad situations because I was able to take the pain.”Although I was able to withstand a challenge for that period of time in my youth, the results were destructive. I was left a shell. Does anyone really know what I went through to get here?”

Oh God, the DRAMA. I know you “live for the applause” and all, girl, but no. You went through shit you PUT yourself through because you were that desperate to be famous. It’s not rocket science, here. I’m not saying she hasn’t worked hard, but no one’s holding a gun to her head and telling her to whore herself out for fame. Totally self-inflicted, which makes it hard to have pity.

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