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Russell Brand Uses Condoms And Will Probably Bang Demi Moore

russell brand demi moore sex

The look of terror: Stern asks Brand if he's made love to Demi Moore.

How do we all feel about Russell Brand? I’ve never been able to come to terms with my own feelings for the man. He seems awful and gross and yet he wrote something quite moving and wonderful about Amy Winehouse after her death. I don’t find him funny but I don’t find him unfunny, either. But if Katy deemed him a worthy chap, then perhaps he is. Although they did wind up divorced. He came to her honor though, refusing to speak ill of her while being interviewed on The Howard Stern Show (Is that STILL a thing?), though Mr. Stern did his damnedest. He “went there” when he asked this:

What do you make of you ex-wife dating John Mayer? It’s like doesn’t she know he’s a worse womanizer than you?

The charming Mr. Stern also added,

No, but seriously, you know I knew from the beginning you’d never stay married.

Wow! Stern and Brand (that sounds like a law firm) went on to discuss Mr. Brand’s love of yoga, which lead him to meeting his friend Demi Moore. Brand insists that they’re not anything more than friends, saying,

I really like her. She’s a beautiful person.

Not quite enough for dear Howard, who persisted,

But you’ve not made love to her yet.

“Made love”? Good heavens, Mr. Stern is quite the proper 1800s gent, isn’t he? To which Russell shouted, “I’VE NOT MADE LOVE TO HER YET.” Good on you, old boy. Stern also accused Brand of not having safe sex, based on how he looks. I can’t really blame Stern there. And Brand, with as good an attitude as ever,

I do use one every time I have carnal relations. You can’t have germs flying about everywhere.

In conclusion, Demi Moore and Russell Brand are absolutely going to contain their germs together.

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    • I was wondering the same thing myself. She’s brand new, but I quite like her, hope she’s okay. Not that I don’t also like you, Ms. St. Ives.

      • Bobby chose to leave for personal reasons early last week. We can’t go into it further than that, but she may come back as a reader in the future, and we hope she does!

      • sorry to hear & wishing her the best. as for the other new additions to EB, hey, thanks for the bloggin’ – i ain’t gonna pick on yeh!

      • Thank you! I’m sorry she’s gone and I understand that you’re bummed. I can only hope that you guys keep reading and like what I’m doing. I’m so excited about my new role here and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got!

  • I love Russel Brand. He did an interview with the westboro baptist church members and he did a really good job of showing how ridiculous they were while being civil. I also watched him on the Big Fat quiz of the year on BBC with Noel Felding and he really can be funny! I think he is a funnier person in general to watch/listen to then he is actually being a comedian. He’s just amusing and seems so kind. But I do think he sleeps around and is hygienically not my type, since I’m not sleeping with him though hes awesome.

  • This site has always been way different in that the readers felt they were heard and listened to, by the writers. It used to feel like stopping by for an exchange with friends. We were sad to see anyone go, over the years, and it was tough to lose both Sarah & Emily together so recently, nevertheless, happy for them to get a great opportunity.
    Of course, writers will always come and go, and it’s Bobbys own business where she’s off to, but no sooner were we getting to know her, than, poof! she’s gone, to be replaced with someone else who seems like a perfectly good writer, but with not a word of explanation or Introduction. If she left suddenly, that’s all anyone had to say. Instead you have to read back ten pages to see if she ever existed or if you imagined it all! This just doesn’t seem like EB now, I thought that was very impersonal and not cool.

    • I agree. The fact that no one would know unless they happen to read the comments to this post seems off. EB has always been the site I go to in order to escape the real world/let off some steam, and now it kind of just makes me sad.

    • If you read back a few posts, I announced on Friday that although Bobby was gone and left for personal reasons, a new writer would be joining us on Monday, which is Catherine – working under a pen name, hence the lack of details on her background – and she’s here to stay. I understand it must be difficult to lose former staff that have been around for a while, but since they moved on to other opportunities as people often do, I am now helming the site and we’re all getting used to each other. I have no plans to go anywhere any time soon, so you will get to know me (and like me, hopefully) over that period and we’ll all settle in more. I can’t control Bobby’s decision to leave, nor Emily’s or Sarah’s, and everyone’s opinion on the changeover will differ. However, I have to point out that just because change means difference doesn’t mean a bad one, whether or not people want to accept it. I hope you’ll stick around and continue to share your opinions and thoughts – as I encourage all the readers to do – but given so many differing thoughts and desires, the old saying holds true: you can’t please everyone, we can only do our best to find common ground with everyone. If you want to discuss this further, you’re always welcome to email me at

  • If you call sticking it in at the end of a post about Amy Poehler which somebody might not have bothered reading, then I guess you did ‘announce’ it