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Demi Moore Is Shocked & Upset By Pool Death

demi moore

A 21-year-old man was found dead in Demi Moore‘s pool last weekend – a situation that’s a disaster for anyone, but especially when you’re a celebrity and don’t know what goes on at your house when you’re not there. The home’s caretaker was the one who organized the get-together, and then seemingly failed to notice that his guest was missing or that his body was drowned at the bottom of the pool. Demi, of course, is very upset about the whole thing.

“Demi is shocked and upset by the news. She’s really sad about it,” a source close to Moore tells PEOPLE.

She was in Paris, while her daughters were in New York when all of this went down.

According to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, a caretaker of Moore’s property invited the man who drowned, Edenilson Steven Valle, to the house for a small party.

“They were sitting by the pool and the party stopped around 2:30 a.m. and at 5 o’clock one of the people at the house found him at the bottom of the pool,” L.A. County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter tells PEOPLE. “The caretaker and her boyfriend were there and they invited some people over. According to the witnesses, he had a couple of beers. He was not a big drinker and he said he didn’t know how to swim very well.”

I suppose there’s a small chance that Demi allows her employees to throw parties at her house when she’s out of town, but I think we can all agree that’s pretty unlikely. Especially considering she now could face a lawsuit over the incident, and given that she’s got millions of dollars, I’d say that’s likely.

The most important part here is, of course, the loss of that 21-year-old’s life. It was a tragedy, and one that likely could have been prevented.

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Dead Man Found In Demi Moore’s Swimming Pool

demi moore

Well, this is more than a little insane. A 21-year-old man was found dead in Demi Moore’s swimming pool this weekend after what seems to have been a wild party. Moore wasn’t present, but it’s believed that her daughters have been throwing a ton of parties at her house lately and so it likely happened then. It’s believed that the man drowned on Saturday night and was found Sunday morning.

We’re told there was a party at the house.  Demi was not there … she’s currently out of town.  A law enforcement sources tells us none of Demi’s family was present.

A neighbor, however, tells TMZ, Demi’s kids have been staying at the house for weeks and have been throwing “parties every day, day and night.”  She says there are frequent pool parties.

Police are investigating.

The man who died did not know how to swim and it appears he slipped and fell in the pool, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.  We’re told there was no foul play.  Our sources say Demi’s caretaker threw the party and invited the victim.  They reiterated neither Demi nor her kids were there.

As for alcohol, we’re told there was “a limited amount.”

We’re told the caretaker and the others went out at some point leaving the victim behind, and when they returned they found him at the bottom of the pool.

That’s crazy, but what the hell? Why is Demi Moore letting her kids throwing parties at her house when she’s not there? Don’t they have their own mansions? Also, how the hell didn’t the kids realize that there was a dead guy in the pool? This whole thing is a mess.

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Demi Moore’s going on a yoga retreat when Ashton and Mila get married

ashton kutcher demi moore

Ashton Kutcher has wasted no time moving on from Demi Moore after their divorce, and he’s now engaged and expecting a baby with Mila Kunis. While Demi has sorta kinda moved on with different dudes, apparently she’s still smarting from her relationship with Ashton and will be meditating the pain away when he decides to tie the knot.

From Radar Online:

“Demi knows she’ll have to endure hearing about the affair — which Ashton is telling mutual friends will be huge and full of A-list Hollywood and tech friends — and seeing pictures. But the wound is still fresh from their divorce and Demi doesn’t want anything to trigger a relapse.”

Moore is banking on details from her daughter Rumer Willis, who remains close with Kutcher.

“When she gets word, either through mutual friends or Rumer, about the exact date, she’s booking a trip to the yogic spiritual center of India, Rishikesh, where she’ll submerge herself in days of waking at 4 a.m., chanting, meditation, yoga by the Ganges River, light eating of only meager portions of vegan foods and dressing in saffron colored robes,” the source revealed.

“She’ll be cut off from all technology including phones, Internet and TV, so she’ll be able to avoid the whole thing.”

And her getaway isn’t just reserved for the wedding. “She plans a similar, though less intense and far away retreat to coincide with the birth of their child in October,” the source added.

Kinda fucked up that Demi is the one who comes out of this whole thing being painted like some sad sack who can’t get her shit together because ASHTON KUTCHER, the guy who hosted Punk’d, is not her husband anymore. I mean, I’m sure he’s different privately than he is as a public persona, and the heart wants what it wants and all that, but come on.

I’m on Team Demi here, and if she wants to do whip its and lose her damn mind, leave her to it!

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are Officially Divorced

demi moore ashton kutcher

I feel really out of the loop, because I seriously thought Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore‘s divorce was finalized, like, a year ago, but apparently that’s not the case – it wasn’t until this Tuesday that Ashton’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, filed a clarification to the financial agreement they’d reached and it was actually all over. Huh, go figure.

From TMZ:

The docs were filed Tuesday afternoon by disso-queen Laura Wasser on Kutcher’s behalf, ending the marriage that began in 2005.  The two had separated in 2011.

The reason it took so long for the saga to finally end (Ashton initially filed for divorce in Dec. 2012) — is because they were squabbling over money.

As we first reported, Demi wanted spousal support even though she’s worth way more than Ashton. Our sources say she backed off that claim.

We’re told … they ultimately reached a financial settlement and Ashton gave Demi somewhat more than he had to, but at least it’s finally over … and now he can focus on getting hitched to Mila Kunis (if he wants).

Well, that’s that, I suppose. I don’t know if he and Mila really are going to get married, to be honest – and I don’t see why it really matters either way – but I suppose it could happen. Get that pre-nup, guys!

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Is Demi Moore Dating Her Daughter’s Ex Boyfriend?

demi moore daughter rumer willis yoga

Demi Moore is quite known for being into younger men. And now that her divorce is finally finalized from Asston Kutcher (yeah, I’m immature, don’t care), she’s free to bang a whole new generation of younger men. Allegedly she’s not only banging daughter Rumer Willis‘ ex, but she also had him move in.

From ShowbizSpy:

According to a new report, the actress is in a trial marriage with her daughter Rumer Wills’s ex-boyfriend.

Demi, 50, has allowed Hollywood play­boy Harry Morton, 32, to move into her Beverly Hills home.

“Demi is crazy about Harry,” revealed an insider.

“She says that he makes her feel more alive than she has in years. She’s convinced this relationship is built to last – despite Harry’s reputation for loving and leaving women.

“Demi and Harry kept things casual for the first few months, but now she can’t get enough of him and he’s moved in with her.”

Da f-ck is a “trial marriage”?  I don’t…what? Anyway. If this is true, it’s certainly not going to help mend Rumer and Demi’s broken relationship. If it is true, it adds more fuel to her whole having a breakdown thing. First she doesn’t shave her legs, and now this. BUT THE LEGS! SOMEONE CALL THE COPS. SHE IS OUT OF CONTROL.

I seriously doubt this Rumer rumor is true considering that Demi and Rumer went to yoga together yesterday (pic above, via Zimbio) and were all smiles. Unless that for show.

Harry Morton is I guess best well-known for owning the hilariously overpriced and tacky Pink Taco restaurants and banging La La Lohan.

Now here’s some of my own gossip that may or may not be about a certain recently divorced older actress’ daughter. If you don’t feel like reading my anecdote then you can roll your eyes, stop reading, and carry on with your damn life.

Back when I worked in retail, I would often encounter celebs. I would stand behind the register or help them shop (read: “Hi, welcome to _____” and/or “May I help you with anything?” I mostly didn’t ask people if I could help them with anything because I hate people and don’t like helping them. Which is why I found a different job after a year.) So yeah, it was all very glamorous. One day, a really cute, really attractive man came into the store and asked me to help him. He explained that his girlfriend’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to give her a small gift every day for 12 days leading up to her bday. He was an actor. Minor roles. I thought his idea was really cute, so I helped him, and he decided he would buy her 12 little glass animals. He spent a while lining up these glass animals on the counter, really taking his time to make sure he picked the right ones. It was really endearing. He called his girlfriend to get some sort of hint about what animals she liked. Because he was so close to me, I could hear her over the phone. She was very curt with him and the conversation lasted a few seconds. I pretended I was oblivious. He pretended he wasn’t super embarrassed. I felt badly for him. I found out later that he was dating a certain celeb spawn. They broke up not long after this. I don’t know them, I don’t know their relationship, I don’t know if she was in the middle of something super important when he called or if he upset her earlier, I don’t know. I just know he was really cute and I felt really bad for him. Take this (alleged) encounter for what you will.

Demi Moore Doesn’t Shave Her Legs; Obviously Headed Towards A Breakdown

demi moore

Demi Moore, former Mrs. Kutcher, isn’t doing very well, according to The National Enquirer. This is based on her wanting to be alone and not shaving her legs. Here’s more:

LONELY Demi Moore has become a virtual recluse after cutting ties with those closest to her – including her therapist – and pals fear she’s teetering on the edge of another meltdown.

The 50-year-old actress, who was recently spotted out on the streets of Los Angeles with unshaven legs and disheveled hair, has told friends who’ve tried to help her: “I’m tired of bothering people with my problems.”

DemiI’s recent erratic behavior is “almost  identical” in nature to how she was acting right before her mental breakdown in January 2012, when she was rushed to the hospital and later reportedly checked into rehab, says a close source.

“It’s incredibly worrying for everyone around her,” added the source.

“She’s now refusing to take calls from some of her oldest friends, and everyone’s really concerned about her.”

The stuff about isolating herself isn’t good but I didn’t realize that shaving your legs = teetering on mental collapse. Someone should have told me this. I must have been worrying people. The Daily Mail posted photos of her reportedly Chewbacca-like legs in March. See the madness for yourself:

Can’t see anything? Let’s zoom in:

demi moore legs
Oh my God, the goddamn horror.

Obligatory “Molly you in danger, girl.”

Demi Moore Finally Filed For Divorce From Ashton Kutcher

demi moore ashton kutcher divorce pics

Sure, it’s taken nearly two years for Demi Moore to file for divorce from estranged husband and Mila Kunis sweatpants hater Ashton Kutcher (despite the fact that he filed his own back in December), but she’s been busy, okay? Between doing whip its and going on yoga retreats, there just haven’t been enough hours in the day. Don’t worry, though – the paperwork has finally been put in and Demi will be left recreating that pottery scene from Ghost, because Ashton will be out of her life 4eva. What makes this even better? She wants spousal support!

From People:

More than a year after they split and nearly three months after Kutcher filed for divorce, the actress finally responded Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeking to have her ex pay both spousal support and attorney fees.

Moore, 50, citing the usual “irreconcilable differences” for the split, is now headed for a possible courtroom battle with Kutcher, 35, over the financial terms to end their six-year marriage.

Although no children are at issue, the financial stakes are high: Kutcher last year reportedly earned $24 million from the CBS hit Two and a Half Men.

LOL (and I’m not referring to that awful movie she was in with Miley Cyrus). This bitch has some nerve asking for spousal support, especially since they broke up so damn long ago and he presumably hasn’t been paying her way since then. Hang on, I think I’ll call my high school girlfriend and ask her to pay my rent for the rest of the year. Pffft.