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Dead Man Found In Demi Moore’s Swimming Pool

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Well, this is more than a little insane. A 21-year-old man was found dead in Demi Moore’s swimming pool this weekend after what seems to have been a wild party. Moore wasn’t present, but it’s believed that her daughters have been throwing a ton of parties at her house lately and so it likely happened then. It’s believed that the man drowned on Saturday night and was found Sunday morning.

We’re told there was a party at the house.  Demi was not there … she’s currently out of town.  A law enforcement sources tells us none of Demi’s family was present.

A neighbor, however, tells TMZ, Demi’s kids have been staying at the house for weeks and have been throwing “parties every day, day and night.”  She says there are frequent pool parties.

Police are investigating.

The man who died did not know how to swim and it appears he slipped and fell in the pool, law enforcement sources tell TMZ.  We’re told there was no foul play.  Our sources say Demi’s caretaker threw the party and invited the victim.  They reiterated neither Demi nor her kids were there.

As for alcohol, we’re told there was “a limited amount.”

We’re told the caretaker and the others went out at some point leaving the victim behind, and when they returned they found him at the bottom of the pool.

That’s crazy, but what the hell? Why is Demi Moore letting her kids throwing parties at her house when she’s not there? Don’t they have their own mansions? Also, how the hell didn’t the kids realize that there was a dead guy in the pool? This whole thing is a mess.

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  • Ummm…did you read the article you posted? LE stated it was the caretaker that threw the party, the caretaker and his guests that found the victim, that Demi and her kids were not present. Wanna talk about a mess? See article above.