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Russell Brand Really Likes India… and Demi Moore, Apparently

Russell Brand is kind of a hilarious amalgamation of a the Dalai Lama, Animal from The Muppet Babies and his character from Get Him To the Greek and I never really know what to make of him. Sure, he’s a decent person who takes assholes to task,  but he’s also… Russell Brand. He does weird stuff all the time, and this one’s no exception: he’s off on a spiritual trip to India… with Demi Moore. Say whaaat?

From The Sun:

RUSSELL BRAND can’t have been watching much of Channel 4’s What Happens In Kavos during his recent London stay.

The comic reckons the best way for his new pal DEMI MOORE to get over ASHTON KUTCHER is by taking a trip abroad.

But instead of Demi doing flaming shots while dancing round her handbag in a Greek bar, he’s pushing for a spiritual healing retreat instead.

Russell has invited the actress on a group trip to a yoga retreat in India.

The Ananda Spa in the Himalayas promises to “cleanse the soul” and “heal internally”.

Several other members of the stars’ yoga class have been to the retreat – which offers meditation classes and healthy eating – and have recommended it as a way of clearing the mind and heart.

A source said: “Russell and Demi have become friends since she started his yoga class.

“He remembers how much yoga and meditation helped him after his split with KATY PERRY and feels it will help Demi too.

“Spiritual retreats can be hard work, but if you’re in the right frame of mind they’re really beneficial.”

Less likely that you’ll end up in A&E at 4am with broken glass in your foot too.

Well, okay. First of all, didn’t Ashton file for divorce about two years ago? It’s a bit late for the emotional intervention – or, you know, the whole losing your mind over Ashton Kutcher deal Demi’s still got going on. Still, I’d rather her sitting cross-legged and chanting on the floor of a stone temple in Rishikesh than huffing aerosol cans or whatever she was doing before.

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  • Kutcher didn’t file for divorce until sometime during the 2012 holidays. She needs more than a spiritual cleansing. She needs to come to terms with the fact that she’s an older woman now and quit chasing 20 year-old penises and lay off the booze & whip-its.

  • I wish her all the best !!! I hope she stays off the drugs and juice and Russell is clean and sober so maybe he can help her if anything she is sure to laugh her ass off in the mean time and if she just happens to get a piece of ass out of it so be it !!! Maybe she needs a little !!!