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Russell Brand Is A Good Person

A photo of Russell Brand

Can we get real for a second? Russell Brand is kind of a beautiful person. Not necessarily physically – not hating, but I’m not into his hair and his cheekbones freak me out – but on the inside, Russell Brand has these moments where he just seems really and truly beautiful. Am I alone on that?

Ok, then listen to this story.

Russell Brand kind of hit a homeless guy with his car yesterday. But wait. He didn’t so much hit the actual man as he did the man’s shopping cart. So Russell hits this man’s shopping cart with his car, and he hops out, runs over to make sure everything’s ok, and then he helps the guy pick up all his stuff.

That’s the story. When I first read about it, I thought “that’s amazing, I definitely have to tell them about this,” but after writing it all out, it’s not actually a big deal. It’s what a decent human being would do, and isn’t it sad that it made me so happy that someone acted like a decent human being?

To finish up this warm and fuzzy tale, I’m going to go ahead and show you my weekly cat picture. Before I took a shower last night, I set out my pajamas on the bed, and when I went to put them on after the shower this is what I found:

Kitties cuddling on top of pajamas! Russell Brand proves that kindness still exists in the world! It’s Friday! Everything is wonderful!

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