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Russell Brand Files for Divorce from Katy Perry

A photo of Katy Perry and Russell Brand

I thought that maybe in February or something we’d hear about this divorce, but no, not quite. As the world and I have been saying all month, something has been off between Katy Perry and Russell Brand here lately (and I don’t just mean their wedding rings). It turns out that everyone was right, because news just broke that Russell has filed for divorce:

In the docs, filed in L.A., Brand cites “irreconcilable differences.” The two were married Oct. 23, 2010 in India.  They have no kids.

The divorce docs say there are “community property assets” — it’s a sign there might not be a prenup, or if there is one it doesn’t cover all of the earnings and other assets they accumulated.

The docs do not give a date the couple separated.

Russell has released a statement, claiming, “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

Russell proposed to Katy in India on New Year’s Eve 2009 — nearly two years ago … to the day.

Sources had told TMZ the couple was having problems, evidenced by the fact that they spent Christmas apart and neither was wearing a wedding ring.

Although it’s not 100%, based on what we now know it appears Brand may have blindsided Perry by filing the divorce petition.

Hey, since this is one of the least shocking divorces of all time, can we skip everything about how tragic it is when true love dies and move right along to the next stage? Which is, of course, who are these crazy kids going to hook up with next? Personally, I think Katy is going to take the time, and that she needs to take the time, to be single and crazy and wasted. Katy needs to party this one out. Meanwhile, do you think Russell will go back to his old ways and sleep with everyone? I’d like to think not. I hope, as I said yesterday, that Russell finds himself a nice, smart girl to settle down and have his babies like Katy had no interest in doing. Doesn’t that sound sweet?

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  • Yeah Russel!!!!!! Get back and get caustic and not be intimidated by your hypocritical Jesus lovin’ ex wife, with no cosmic sense of humour…..

  • That’s it eh, Katy…. you can exploit your bod to the max and jesus will approve… but use his name “in vain” just because you are afraid of the old testament god’s retribution for what you are obviously afraid of (the use of your body for spoils)… and you will trample on simple comedy…

    scapegoat your husband….

  • Emily, on this New Year’s eve 2012… is anything accomplished by examining the life of the stars…. Does it help on any kind of global level?

    Sometimes, it just feels like Hyper High School…. Do we make a difference by giving our opinion of these people….

  • Yeah, remember, like, two years ago when Katy Perry said something (regarding her then-boyfriend) that made her sound like she crosses the line between “devout Christian” to “Jesus freak?” And, having a few Christian friends, I do not use the latter term lightly.

    I wonder if that was a factor. Oh, well — she’s super gorgeous, and I love a lot of her music. Unless I hear that she’s protesting at clinics or something dreadful like that, I’ll still love her.

  • Russell Brand is pretty funny, but I don’t see him as the one who’s wanting to settle down and have kids anytime soon. His “want to be single and party” phase is going to last a lot longer than Katy Perry’s. Russell is a former alcoholic, sex and drug addict. I feel a little bad for Katy Perry but she married him knowing all of that, and also knowing that it probably wouldn’t work.

  • Jeez. Lucky for her. He looks like Charles “Chucky Cheese” Manson. She’s probably getting out just in time.

  • Why does she need to be wasted and party?? I’m a romanti c prude and don’t get it. Isn’t there any other way of being young and heartbroken?