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Russell and Katy: Divorce Rumors? What?

Photo: Katy Perry and Russell Brand kissing

Katy Perry and husband Russell Brand attended David Lynch’s “Change Begins Within” benefit last night, where the couple smooched for cameras. In other, more candid photographs, Perry looks genuinely excited to be holding her husband’s hand. Ah! Young love.

Can we move along to something more important now? Like Katy’s hair? Because I can’t remember the last time her hair looked so good. It’s a little windswept, and she has kind of a cowlick, but the cut and texture look great. And that with that color—blonde with pink highlights—she almost looks like Jem! I even think her dark roots are kind of cool. Like, I want this to be my Next Hair. Maybe I will print these photos out and take them to a salon.

But that dress? No. No way.

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