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Watch This: “The Shows We Lost in 2011”

Friends: let us pause for a moment of silence, collectively click “play” on this video, and watch a stirring tribute to the television shows that died this year. Then, while you are fumbling for your handkerchiefs, I will loose the doves.

Uh. Tell you the truth, I thought Friday Night Lights ended its run like two years ago. Oh, sure, I remember the outpouring of grief when it ended and everything. It’s just that I… misremember… it happening… in 2009ish. Oops.

I did kind of like Human Target. And when any iteration of Law & Order gets yanked, all humankind suffers the loss. Oof.

And then there’s Outsourced—it was canceled? Oh, thank God. I thought that show was pretty offensive, but mostly I was offended because it was terrible.

And some shows—like HBO’s Bored to Death, which I looo-ooooved—aren’t memorialized in this video at all! Hmph.

What other shows are missing from this video? What shows were unceremoniously murdered before their time? And most importantly, WHICH SHOWS WEREN’T CANCELED SOON ENOUGH? Meet me downstairs in the comments, where we will all eulogize together.

P.S. Stop the video short if you don’t want to see how Big Love ends. Seriously.

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